Re: What ARE Simulacrums?
Posted By: NarcogenDate: 12/8/13 7:22 p.m.

In Response To: What ARE Simulacrums? (VikingBoyBilly)

: For a long time I assumed they were robots designed to resemble humans. But I
: realize than in Shake Before Using, Durandal confirms they are cyborgs.
: And Jason Jones once said the Simulacrums go insane from their
: "conversion."

: So the BOBs on the autopsy tables in the pfhor ship are actually... !!!

: Creepy stuff.

: But wait, later in M2, Durandal says that the pfhor stole the green uniforms
: from the science crew and put them on the simulacrums, so the science crew
: was left to run around naked. If the simulacrums were engineered from the
: bobs themselves, they'd already have their uniforms on them! I get the
: explosives and the brainwashing, but I don't understand the yellow blood
: and all of the "telltale signs" in the terminal robert blake
: shows us.

: You don't operate on a human being and it suddenly mutates to have red eyes
: and two toes.

: What are they? Hybrids? Where did they come from? A cybernetic organism
: doesn't just pop out of nothing!

If it weren't for the yellow blood, I'd have thought it was just some sort of implant. Presumably the Jjaro "uplifted" S'pht in a process that involves making them cyborgs, something that's so ingrained to their civilization that they think sentience requires it.

The Pfhor understand or learned enough of the technology to manipulate it, allowing them continued dominion over the S'pht.

Whether they're just modified BoBs or duplicates created from raw materials, it is a fair bet that the poor bastards we saw on board the scout ship before Durandal took it over were utilized to make them, either directly as raw materials, or as test subjects for the process.

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