Beta 2 test: Unpfhorgiven
Posted By: GodotDate: 7/20/13 8:46 a.m.

The first of the Pfhor ship levels created by Reginald Dujour. What a warped mind. ;)

Pulsating strobing lights, Bobs in their underpants, dark narrow windy passageways, Bobs in their underpants, prison cells and fiendish experiments, and did I mention… Bobs in their underpants?

On the subject of Bobs in their underpants… the beta isn't displaying them in all their full naked glory. This is how they are displayed in the original game (pics have been brightened).

In the beta they are embedded into the table rather than lying flat on top.

If you didn't hate Wasps before this level you will hate them now. And putting invisible Lookers in dark areas is just plan evil.

On the subject of evil… what evil experiment is this? A simulacrum in the making or something worse?

If you come across a group of Pfhor and Wasps all queueing up on both sides of a door don't worry this happens in the original game. I am sure they are arguing about who was there first. :)

And that lone blue Bob. Did you ask to see his ID? In Marathon, what designation is a blue Bob?

Anyways, apart from the Bobs in their underpants everything else checks out on this level.

Did I mention... Bobs in their underpants?


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