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A Message from Betsy Bryce and His Grandmother
Posted By: poena.dare #CP# <>Date: 2/15/03 9:08 a.m.

In Response To: *Ar-Isildur (Ar-Anarion)

From Betsy Bryce:

Years ago I asked Brian to show me what he does on line and I was amazed by the camaraderie all you guys share. You seem like a great bunch of guys. Maybe you can pass this along to your friends, it is from Brian's grandmother. It is close to the end and anything that anyone wants to say should be said soon.



Bob and I left for Pittsburgh about 2:30 on Thurs. We were able to talk with Brian when we got there. He even surprised his mom and dad when he opened his eyes. I told him I didn't like seafood. They had sent a tuna casserole up for his dinner. He hasn't been eating but it gives Dawn and Fred something to eat. Even Dr. Jakacky was surprised that he had rallies to tell us he was hungry. he had a small bite of orange but didn't want anymore than that. He was able to drink a little but his blood pressure still was very low. His kidneys have shut down. His abdomen seems to be very distended because of that, but he was fighting to hang on.

Pastor Fred and his wife Ann, came and he read the prayers for such an occasion. Jamin went with us to the Best Western for the night. We got up to children's shortly after nine and were told that Brian was being sent home. We weren't sure if he was going to hang in there until the ambulance came at 1:00, but he knew we were taking him to Columbia Drive. His nurse, Becky was sure he was going to hang in there until he got home and petted Ali, his dog. When we finally let Ali on the bed she washed his arm and hand. She was so glad to see him. The entire Suckling connection will be here for the weekend so that is good.

Brian will be surrounded by those who love him. Dawn was talking about calling Brian Johnson to come and talk to him, but I don't know about that decision. He does know when we talk to him and understands what we say. Even though his days are numbered he is able to be with those he loves. I know many of you there love him, too and he knows that and knows that everyone is praying for him. He asked why he wasn't getting better with all those people praying for him. God's Will Be Done. Thanks for hanging in there with us, We do appreciate the love and support of friends.


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     hey, there is XBOX in heaven, right?NoNdRE of clonon 2/18/03 5:08 p.m.
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                       Re: hey, there is XBOX in heaven, right?thunderhawk555 2/18/03 5:19 p.m.
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                                               I thought Xbox WAS heavan......................? *NM*Skavenger_s7 4/1/03 7:38 a.m.

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