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Re: Louis has email.
Posted By: Dan Chosich <>Date: 2/6/03 7:31 p.m.

In Response To: Louis has email. (Louis Wu)

: I can't figure out why people think that a question addressed to one person
: needs to be posted on a public forum - I do have an email address
: attached to almost everything I do...

: What you don't seem to understand, though, is that we could remove EVERY
: SINGLE MOVIE except the currently posted one from Mythica's servers, and
: we STILL wouldn't be able to put more than one at a time up. The lion's
: share (90+%) of the bandwidth used when a new movie is released is for
: that new movie. Mythica's pipe is massive, by private fansite standards...
: but it's still just a drop in the bucket compared to what folks would take
: off it if they could.

: Think about it - the average cable modem gets 500kb/sec download speed - some
: are as high as 3 or 4 megs, but most are 1 meg or less, and during the
: evening, I'd be surprised if the average guy was getting more than 500k.

: Mythica, when it's being HAMMERED, is putting out 25 Mbit/sec. (That's half a
: T3, or 15 T1's - it's a HUGE amount of bandwidth.) That's only 50
: simultaneous cable users!

: Thousands and thousands of people try and download new movies, if we make a
: big deal about them. That would be fine, if we had Fileplanet-sized
: pipes... but we don't.

: Bottom line - deleting old movies would have zero effect on the number of
: movies we can serve simultaneously, and would make people looking for
: older stuff very unhappy.

: Sorry...

DAP doesn't work on here, you have to right click and choose "save target as..." With DAP it says "connection refused: internal error" but the connection is still fast at mythica, really fast, it sucks for 56K people who want to resume the download. If worse comes to worse, they could always download off a mirror if available.

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