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Map Descriptions Reveal Two Halos
Posted By: Metatron <>Date: 9/27/04 12:22 a.m.

In a recent thread of mine I asked a question of the readers.That question was, “What is the difference between Human descriptions of Halo when compared to Covenant descriptions of HALO?” Well, I said I would tell you guys what I was talking about if no one could provide me with an answer. Guess what, no one found the answer, and that’s what this thread is about:)

First off, let me direct your attention back to the question I originally asked. I was trying to point out that in all the Covenant MP map descriptions halo is spelled out in all caps ( HALO ), and in all the Human MP map descriptions halo is spelled out like on would normally ( Halo ). I was trying to get you guys to look at the different spelling/usages of the word halo between different species.

For example:

"Damnation (Covenant Map)
A covenant structure that was used to control water flow into a section of HALO."

"Rat Race (Human Map)
An asymmetrical map which involves some human mining into one of Halo's hallway system."

You're probably saying to yourself, "Why is this something worth pointing out?" Well, look at the description of the MP map Chill Out, which is a Covenant MP map, on's MP maps page. It states, “A Covenant research facility on HALO, used to analyze Halo’s material.” Notice that this particular map is the only MP map that uses both forms of the word halo. This is worth pointing out, because by saying that the Covenant research facility is located on HALO, and that it’s purpose is to analyze materials found on Halo, the writer is establishing a difference in location between the two usages of the word halo. Let me spell it out for you guys. The writer is discreetly giving us a hint; that hint being, HALO and Halo are two different Halos! Go back and look at the Chill Out's description... do you see what I'm talking about?

Before I get ahead of myself, how do I know that Halo is the same as Halo 04, which is the Halo we play on in Halo CE? Well, the description of Derelict states, "The second level is the key to this long unused part of the Halo." If one looks out the window of this MP map they will see Threshold and Basis, which are the two indiactors that Derilict is located on Halo 04. So, by using the same usage of the word halo, and then comparing the surroundings of the map, one can tell that Halo = Halo 04.

Of course, we knew that there were other Halos, but this brings up several important points. First off, some of the MP maps in the Halo CE were actually on a different HALO than Halo 04. This brings brings up the question of how long have the Covenant known about the Halos? If the Covenant, in fact, have a research facility on a different HALO than Halo 04, and it’s purpose is to study materials found on Halo 04, then we should assume that the Covenant have known about the Halos for quite some time. We should also realize that HALO is probably located much closer to Covenant controlled space than Halo 04 is, which is why the Covenant most likely set up base there.

This also brings up questions about the Flood. If the Covenant knew about the Halos for some time, then why were they so eager to let the Flood loose on Halo 04? Could it be that the Flood were only kept on Halo 04? I'm willing to bet that all this will materialize in Halo 2. Remember, we're supposed to be "taking the fight to the Covenant" in Halo 2. We're also supposed to be going to another Halo. HALO matches all the foretold criteria to the exact... coincidence?

If this information holds to be factual, then many new questions may arrise. Do any of you have some insight to add on to this? As I always say, please feel free to argue against any of this. This is, after all, just a fans ideas:)

Thanks for reading,
-Metatron (Eagle 117)

If you're having trouble understanding this, then you can visit my post at it has color illustrations:-)

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           ALL the letters in that context are uppercase tho. *NM*"Can-ned Food" 9/29/04 9:53 p.m.
                 I'm with can-ney on this onemr_n00b 9/29/04 10:31 p.m.
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