Posted By: REBDate: 1/28/02 7:46 p.m.

Today I got a message from Beer Can asking about the PID area on Arrival (M1A1.) Seems Beer Can didn't know about PID - which is not surprising.

I gave him info about the game, along with an explanation. Tonight I got his response:


Just had a look at the PID website, and am reminded of something:

The shot is nighttime, in a jungle.

From twinkling stars, a parachutist lands atop an ancient South American

"You have just landed on a pyramid in the darkest Amazon....lock & load,

The above is from a 1982 arcade game called "Lost Tomb," which was developed
and distributed by Stern, and one I played many times, never getting to the

If you have a copy of MacMAME, I could send the ROM.

When I saw the original 1993 box cover on your website, indeed the first
thing that popped into mind was "Lost Tomb."

I would have to say that the PID developers were inspired by this game.
Definitely. Seems too close to be a coincidence.

Especially given the level named "Lock & Load."

Note: I don't know why he thinks I'm the webmaster of pid.bungie.org.

You can grab the ROM at mame.dk. There are two versions:

http://www.mame.dk/gameinfo/losttomb/ (easy)

http://www.mame.dk/gameinfo/losttmbh/ (hard - need easy ROM as parent)

Here's the Cabinet Marquee:

I played just one level and the influence is clear.

Man, Bungie mades a living stealing other people's ideas! No wonder they're so happy working at Micro$oft.

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