Marathon loyalty
Posted By: Tru7hDate: 12/5/01 1:09 p.m.

ok now even true we know (more or less) what the marine is (cyborg), wy do he help durandal so much. wy is he so loyal to his kidnapper (im gonna punch anybody that says stockholm syndrom:)

to get the ball rolling im gonna give my theory

lets start with the postulates

1. the marine is a cyborg converted from a dead corpse
2. the marine would of stayed Dead if he hadent been converted
3. normaly ?battleroids? arent suppose to be thinking (much) (they mindlissle killed everyone on each moon)
4. the marine on the other hand kept all his inteligence (thus in MI hes smart enough to stop killing key characters to no end (thx mark))
5. maybe the dumbing down process is wanted (so the super-soldier cant contest orders)
6. Durandal is or is a product of TraxusIV

And now my theory, wich is mine

Maybe Durandal/Traxus saved the marine from death (by converting him) and from a no less horrible brain-death (dunbing down the cyborgs). now this had to be done by subterfuge since durandal couldent operate the marine by himself.
now you the super-cyborg feels somhow gratefull to durandal (for the saving life bit) and is happy to continue his life doing somthing hes good at. later on Durandal himself begins to lean on the marine to create a form of codependance.

-escape will make me god

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