Volunteers: Where are Monsters in Dreams
Posted By: Mark LevinDate: 11/13/01 7:38 a.m.

The Marine's dream turns to a real nightmare on this level. It's almost reminiscent of Pathways Into Darkness: Dark, hazy things fire at you from all sides, and they cannot be defeated or even resisted. All you can do is run, and hope to reach the end before your luck runs out.

This level looks very spooky as well, with the floating lights and huge, dark areas. The monsters are invisible S'pht'kr, hovering in place in various corners. To add to the fear, a number of hidden monsters underneath the floor create random traces on your motion sensor. There are two secrets on this level. The first is a rocket launcher, hidden at the bottom of a Z-shaped crevice. Getting it will cost you some health as you try to fall down the crevice just right.

Head to the left to get a pattern buffer and the first terminal. At the beginning, the terminal starts off the ongoing story of the knife, the movie theater, and the men in black. Another part of the Marine's dreams? Parts of this story are similar to the Gherrit White terminal from Marathon 1.

Running through the level, we eventually reach a place where the floor drops out from under us and we fall into a larger room. There are two lighted squares in this room; stepping on them will raise the floor back up. Doing this allows access to the second secret later on.

Through the underground passages, you return to the first terminal. Now, it has the famous message about the seven hundred and sixty-one armless and legless corpses, including the phrase "I did this and I could have stopped it." Looks like the Marine has... issues ;). A second pass through the level will bring you across the bridge that lowered earlier and to the second secret, an alternate exit terminal. Time to find out how much of a mess Tycho makes of this universe.

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