Volunteers: Ingue Ferroque
Posted By: Mark LevinDate: 10/6/01 9:00 a.m.

This is it, folks... The living end, the final frontier, the level to end all levels. No other game, with the possible exception of Pathways Into Darkness, has given me the same sense of accomplishment to defeat.

The level is not too realistic, consisting of several staged encounters. The mapmaking is actually a bit sloppy, with a number of odd details and untextured walls (check out the inner bottom of the lavafalls right behind you when you start). But the combat is very tough until you learn the various tricks employed, and learn how to dance along with the game, how to truly PLAY Marathon.

It's a mostly straightforward level once you get started, very linear. Be careful of invisible S'pht, they can cause you to shoot yourself in the face with grenades or rockets. The flamethrower is great against Fighters, it's very efficient when they are found in such quantities. The rockets are good for the Troopers, no need to save them now :)

This level of course features the immortal Bungie Credit Terminal, at the far end of a 5D maze (of course with a maze like this it's not easy to tell when you've reached the far end).

And in the end, it comes full circle: The exit terminal is right above the place where you entered the level, high above the lavafalls, deep in the Marathon's engineering sector. And now it's time to rebuild the colony, or so you think...

Thus ends Marathon 1, and the first stage of Volunteers. Seriously, how many people are interested in continuing on into Marathon 2? Vote in this thread or something... If there are at least 7 people, I will go on :)

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