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Posted By: John SumnerDate: 8/27/01 1:08 p.m.

In Response To: Re: The Rose (Hamish Sinclair)

: A map editor will only tell you how many Bob placements there are not how
: many Bobs will appear each time you play. In Bob-B-Q there are 31 Bob
: placements but only 27 are filled each time you play. The Rose has 35 Bob
: placements but nobody has (yet) discovered how many of these are filled
: each time you play.

: Secrets... secrets...

: Cheers
: Hamish

Ok, i just did a little research on this subject and discovered the following: If you examine the level Bob-B-Q using Pfhorte, Hamish is right....there are 31 different possible Bob placements. And the listed initial counts for the "monsters" Civilian Person, Science Person, Security Person, and Engineering Person are 7,7,7,6 respectively for a total of 27. If we examine The Rose in the same way, there are 35 different possible Bob placements. The corresponding initial counts for the same 4 groups are listed as 15,7,10,3 or a total of 35. To check this out even further, i actually modified The Rose and removed all enemies except for the Bobs. This made it easier to kill and count the Bobs as i progressed through the level. I played the level 3 times and counted exactly 35 Bobs each time. So unless removing the enemies has an effect on the number of Bobs, it seems to me that there are in fact 35 Bobs each time you play The Rose. This would mean that 18 must be saved in order to successfully complete the level.

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