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Posted By: Johannes GunnarDate: 8/25/01 1:47 p.m.

In Response To: Re: vidmastery (Sidoh)

: Yes, but if you don't know the level, you lose style. Checking the map and
: not showing all areas are things you dont want to do in a vid-film. And,
: as Couch Fishing demonstrates, the more you know a level, the easier it
: becomes.

yes, when i try to vidmaster (well, i have never finished anything, i said "try") i look over the map thousunds times to try to find good places to move on and other stuff, like i saw when i was playign against my friend in marathon 2 in a map he made, it was only two rooms and a door between them (his first level) so i fooled him by waiting on a the blind point where he could not see me, and when he runs trough the door to the room im in i run to the next room, get the assault rifle, get back there, AND KICK HIS ASS, it was hard to find the blind point cause this map was designed like that, and i have to say, that was the best multiplayer experience i ever had.

so vidding is

Style And Understanding

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