Volunteers - G4 Sunbathing
Posted By: William SpencerDate: 8/4/01 12:46 p.m.

Damn good level. Damn good. And it's a VACUUM level, too...is it possible to do a good vacuum level?

Evidentally it is.

Troopers, Hunters, Compilers - popping up out of the darkness. Good level layout for them, too - it's always surprising when a trooper or two decides to use the central elevator to attack you from behind, or when some invisible compilers spring up through the open windows. And those hunters...brrr. Their howl can always give your heart a jump when you come upon it in the dark - too bad they stopped doing it in the later games.

By the way, did you notice that the troopers look very different between M1 and M2/MI? The original troopers look just like fighters, except for the helmet and the autogun, while the later troopers are a completely different phenotype. Did the Pfhor mutate during the 16 years between the games, or were "fighters" put into service as "troopers" because this is only a scout ship, and they don't have full representation of all species/genders/whatever.

Some scout ship, though. A kilometer long? With fighter craft and armor companies? The Pfhor don't worry much about their budget, do they?

Excellent non-linear level design - you can really choose your angle of approach. I didn't go down to the ground level this play around, but I remember roaming around down there in the twilight, sneaking past the troopers' backs while desperately trying to find the elevator - and airlock!

It's realistic, too - I actually did feel like I was exploring an abandoned space station, what with the logically-laid out corridors and central control hub, uniform and sensible texturing, and long outdoor vistas. VERY nice level.

Just curious - the station was depressurized in the attack, right? But how was it pressurized before? Were the windows "originally" sealed, and then blown out in the attack?

It always struck me as odd, though, that there were no other vacuum levels in the game; why go to the trouble of coding it if you only use it once? Other levels seem to have been planned - Hamish probably knows which ones, right? :) - but they must just not have worked out well.

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