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Posted By: SidohDate: 8/6/01 1:42 p.m.

In Response To: Volunteers - G4 Sunbathing (William Spencer)

: By the way, did you notice that the troopers look very different between M1
: and M2/MI? The original troopers look just like fighters, except for the
: helmet and the autogun, while the later troopers are a completely
: different phenotype. Did the Pfhor mutate during the 16 years between the
: games, or were "fighters" put into service as
: "troopers" because this is only a scout ship, and they don't
: have full representation of all species/genders/whatever.

And they shoot their gun in a different spot too. I remember the first time I tried to punch a trooper to death on TC. Circled the way you do in M2/Mi and I was toast in seconds.

: Some scout ship, though. A kilometer long? With fighter craft and armor
: companies? The Pfhor don't worry much about their budget, do they?

They have money? Didnt think so... (that was a joke bout the budget, right?)

: Excellent non-linear level design - you can really choose your angle of
: approach. I didn't go down to the ground level this play around, but I
: remember roaming around down there in the twilight, sneaking past the
: troopers' backs while desperately trying to find the elevator - and
: airlock!

Or you could jump on down and activate them all at once, causing catastrophy.

: It's realistic, too - I actually did feel like I was exploring an abandoned
: space station, what with the logically-laid out corridors and central
: control hub, uniform and sensible texturing, and long outdoor vistas. VERY
: nice level.

Perhaps the best in the game.

: It always struck me as odd, though, that there were no other vacuum levels in
: the game; why go to the trouble of coding it if you only use it once?
: Other levels seem to have been planned - Hamish probably knows which ones,
: right? :) - but they must just not have worked out well.

Try again, vacuum? How would the lava flow...

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