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Posted By: SNoblittDate: 11/22/01 2:33 p.m.

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: It seems almost on a whim that the marine decides to swing over to the other
: side by evesdropping on orders to 'lt. kent'. I think one of the main
: flaws with Infinity's story is that often the marine is the one deciding
: what he will do next. The player, sadly, doesn't know what the marine is
: thinking, and so a lot of the story analyzation is just figuring out why
: we did something AFTER we did it(which seems pretty unimmersive to me).
: Having an AI control most of your mission objectives was excellent because
: the AI could explain quite clearly in text why you were doing whatever you
: were about to do.

Good observation. As much as we hate being ordered by Durandal, Leela, Tycho, Thoth, etc... it makes for a much more immersive and understandable game. It's good to see that most 3rd party scenarios have chosen that route instead of the more confusing player's-whim concept... :)

Just my thoughts, whatever they're worth...


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