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Posted By: Ilium RiseDate: 11/22/01 1:11 p.m.

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: This level's design is odd. It doesn't really feel like a spaceship,
: especially the second half (this level was created by two people). It's
: full of wide, short spaces that still feel oddly cramped. There are a lot
: of places where Compilers and Bobs drop at you out of the ceiling; this
: can be caused by a common Forge error: Forgetting to turn off the
: "From Ceiling" checkbox when placing scenery items and monsters.
: I wonder why no one reported these instances as bugs during
: beta-testing... Perhaps they didn't think it was much stranger than the
: storyline :P

In some cases this is actually pretty cool, for instance when you're heading down that one long set of dark stairs, Vacbobs will drop from the ceiling and it's incredibly frightening. When used in dark areas where you can't fully see what is occuring, it's easy to suspend disbelief.

: It's not quite clear why the Marine then goes to assist Blake's forces (I'm
: ignoring the fact that he has no other option). Perhaps he is trying to
: play both ends against each other, weaken Tycho and Durandal enough that
: they will destroy each other or the Pfhor will destroy both of them (once
: they get wind of Tycho's mutiny).

It seems almost on a whim that the marine decides to swing over to the other side by evesdropping on orders to 'lt. kent'. I think one of the main flaws with Infinity's story is that often the marine is the one deciding what he will do next. The player, sadly, doesn't know what the marine is thinking, and so a lot of the story analyzation is just figuring out why we did something AFTER we did it(which seems pretty unimmersive to me). Having an AI control most of your mission objectives was excellent because the AI could explain quite clearly in text why you were doing whatever you were about to do.

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