Volunteers: Naw Man He's Close
Posted By: Mark LevinDate: 11/22/01 10:43 a.m.

We're back on a ship, and the Bobs hate us again. We're working for Tycho now, attacking the crippled Boomer. This is the Marine's next try at a solution to the W'rkncacnter problem: Defeat Durandal before he forces the Pfhor to use the trih xeem. He will do this by assisting Tycho in his capture of the Boomer.

This level is the first to feature the new Vacuum Bobs, who have one major advantage over you: They can fire several charged fusion bolts in rapid succession (the blue ones, at least). Why were those Bobs issued Wave Motion Cannons? :P They can do quite a bit of damage, and survive much more damage from all weapons except the Fusion Pistol, and strangely they don't drop any ammo on this level. It also features some areas open to space, vacuum-enabled monsters, oxygen chargers, and other features that point to its previous life as a vacuum level. However, a bug in the level prevents the story from being as clear as it could be. The terminal only displays its Finished message, which talks about the Bobs trying to attack Tycho. It skips the first message, which explains that Tycho is attacking Durandal and that the Compilers have gone Rampant. This would also have explained where the two Troopers at the beginning come form: Tycho is sending in deluded Pfhor again.

There is one feature of Infinity, not really used since Marathon 1, that makes this level much easier than it could have been: Your built-in Bob detector. All Bobs appear as blue dots on your overhead map. You can even see them in areas you haven't been yet.

This level's design is odd. It doesn't really feel like a spaceship, especially the second half (this level was created by two people). It's full of wide, short spaces that still feel oddly cramped. There are a lot of places where Compilers and Bobs drop at you out of the ceiling; this can be caused by a common Forge error: Forgetting to turn off the "From Ceiling" checkbox when placing scenery items and monsters. I wonder why no one reported these instances as bugs during beta-testing... Perhaps they didn't think it was much stranger than the storyline :P

Don't miss the secret rocket launcher available from the large room just past the terminal (look for a jump-off point to the northwest). Then head on up to the second half of the level, which is just a long corridor heading across the ship. Finally, you reach the end terminal, with a nearby suicide trap: Do NOT go through the door that opens, it will close behind you and you will be trapped.

It's not quite clear why the Marine then goes to assist Blake's forces (I'm ignoring the fact that he has no other option). Perhaps he is trying to play both ends against each other, weaken Tycho and Durandal enough that they will destroy each other or the Pfhor will destroy both of them (once they get wind of Tycho's mutiny).

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