Volunteers: Post Naval Trauma
Posted By: Mark LevinDate: 11/16/01 6:44 p.m.

The second vacuum level in the game, and the third in the series. This level is very large but not one of the most fun, as the dash for oxygen takes too much attention. There are a few secrets here and there, but no one can take the time to look for them :\ On the other hand, the views are splendid, as you look out across the various parts of the ship, seeing rooms you'll get to soon or room's you've already cleared.

There are quite a few Juggernauts on the level, but you don't have to fight them because they are deactivated. A few bullets or a single fusion blast will take them out, make sure you're very far away (and that someone else is close, if possible). There are also deactivated Hunter suits here and there.

The first oxygen charger is a long way off. Head down the available corridor, get a briefing from Durandal, make a right at the room with the active juggernaut, and go through the narrow door. Hit both switches and head back to the terminal room to get additional info, including a hint at the S'pht's collective consciousness. Then go down the yellow corridor, turn left , and go up the elevator. Fight your way through a pile of Hunters, get across the to oxygen panel, and finally suck that rank Pfhor air. If you did this as fast as possible, you missed: Extra ammo in the room with the 2 switches, another room nearby with a terminal and a 1x charger, a 1x charger to the right after the yellow corridor, and a secret containing several Alien Weapons, lots of Enforcers, a pattern buffer, and an open window through a door near the oxygen charger.

To the right of the oxygen panel is another Juggie to destroy, and a terminal that for some reason displays the Pfhor logon but contains a message from Durandal. An error? To the left is a room with a 1x charger in a column; there is a 2x hidden on adjacent corner.

Eventually, you'll reach the engineering spaces, full of Fighters and malfunctioning machinery. There are three secrets in this area. First, there is a 2x health charger in the north face of the pillar near the 3 switches that flood the compartment. Secondly, there is a very fast elevator that can be used by the Fighters to trigger the famous Ketchup Bug, in which a monster on a falling platform unleashes a swarm of projectiles. Thirdly, there is a small sniper ledge that will teleport you to an isolated area. This gives you a difficult Hunter ambush, a pile of ammo, a 3x charger, and an oxygen panel.

After this area, I found a secret I actually had not seen until this run. In the room with a small trapezoidal elevator and Fighters, it is possible to open the door opposite it and jump through. In there you find... a Hunter. But still, it's new :P

Further on, you come across a room with a Juggie and a switch. This lets you down into the last area, through a door near a 1x charger you may have used through a half-open door earlier. A Hunter steps out to block your path, but he's inactive. Time to go atmosphere surfing, as Durandal says...

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Volunteers: Post Naval TraumaMark Levin 11/16/01 6:44 p.m.
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                 there are windows open to space *NM* *NM*Sidoh 11/18/01 6:15 a.m.
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