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: The second vacuum level in the game, and the third in the series. This level
: is very large but not one of the most fun, as the dash for oxygen takes
: too much attention. There are a few secrets here and there, but no one can
: take the time to look for them :\ On the other hand, the views are
: splendid, as you look out across the various parts of the ship, seeing
: rooms you'll get to soon or room's you've already cleared.

: There are quite a few Juggernauts on the level, but you don't have to fight
: them because they are deactivated. A few bullets or a single fusion blast
: will take them out, make sure you're very far away (and that someone else
: is close, if possible). There are also deactivated Hunter suits here and
: there.

: The first oxygen charger is a long way off. Head down the available corridor,
: get a briefing from Durandal, make a right at the room with the active
: juggernaut, and go through the narrow door. Hit both switches and head
: back to the terminal room to get additional info, including a hint at the
: S'pht's collective consciousness. Then go down the yellow corridor, turn
: left , and go up the elevator. Fight your way through a pile of Hunters,
: get across the to oxygen panel, and finally suck that rank Pfhor air. If
: you did this as fast as possible, you missed: Extra ammo in the room with
: the 2 switches, another room nearby with a terminal and a 1x charger, a 1x
: charger to the right after the yellow corridor, and a secret containing
: several Alien Weapons, lots of Enforcers, a pattern buffer, and an open
: window through a door near the oxygen charger.

: To the right of the oxygen panel is another Juggie to destroy, and a terminal
: that for some reason displays the Pfhor logon but contains a message from
: Durandal. An error? To the left is a room with a 1x charger in a column;
: there is a 2x hidden on adjacent corner.

: Eventually, you'll reach the engineering spaces, full of Fighters and
: malfunctioning machinery. There are three secrets in this area. First,
: there is a 2x health charger in the north face of the pillar near the 3
: switches that flood the compartment. Secondly, there is a very fast
: elevator that can be used by the Fighters to trigger the famous Ketchup
: Bug, in which a monster on a falling platform unleashes a swarm of
: projectiles. Thirdly, there is a small sniper ledge that will teleport you
: to an isolated area. This gives you a difficult Hunter ambush, a pile of
: ammo, a 3x charger, and an oxygen panel.

: After this area, I found a secret I actually had not seen until this run. In
: the room with a small trapezoidal elevator and Fighters, it is possible to
: open the door opposite it and jump through. In there you find... a Hunter.
: But still, it's new :P

: Further on, you come across a room with a Juggie and a switch. This lets you
: down into the last area, through a door near a 1x charger you may have
: used through a half-open door earlier. A Hunter steps out to block your
: path, but he's inactive. Time to go atmosphere surfing, as Durandal
: says...

Something to point out, which has been mentioned before. Enforcers are not vacuum enabled according to Tycho (Rise Robot Rise), so why are they here? I think something happened in this timeline to allow enforcers to survive in vacuum. But can this be true?

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