Re: Volunteers: Post Naval Trauma
Posted By: AJSDate: 11/17/01 7:48 p.m.

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: Something to point out, which has been mentioned before. Enforcers are not
: vacuum enabled according to Tycho (Rise Robot Rise), so why are they here?
: I think something happened in this timeline to allow enforcers to survive
: in vacuum. But can this be true?

Possibly, but another more mundane explanation is that we just call those levels "vacuum" levels when there are other perfectly good reasons for us to lose oxygen as we go along. Just because level x is devoid of oxygen does not mean that x is necessarily a vacuum--it could be filled with CO2, for instance. The player would still need to draw O2 from his/her tanks but non-vacuum-enabled Pfhor could still function as long as they could draw whatever it is that Pfhor breathe (PFO2?)


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