Volunteers: My Own Private Thermopylae
Posted By: Mark LevinDate: 10/28/01 10:56 a.m.

This is one of the largest levels in the game, and is actually so large that it inteferes with the engine in some ways. Whenever I play this level, sounds randomly vanish, specifically, the click of pushing a switch, the pistol reloading sound, the health charger hum, and the beeps from terminals and pattern buffers.

The first stop should be the terminal/pattern buffer room. Throughout chapter 7, Blake uses some interesting terminology, referring to "cells", "sites", and here "level". By "cell" he probably means the individual rooms of Thoth's circuits, and by "site" he must mean the general buildings that contain them (this would mean that "there is one last site" refers to the entire level Kill Your Television). But "level"? Either he knows we're playing a game, or he's referring to different floors of a building. Perhaps Thoth is a large building or complex of buildings, perhaps partially buried, and Blake is teleporting us around inside it. Further supporting this is the fact that we haven't seen the sky since This Side Toward Enemy (both the human base and this level are underground).

There's a secret rocket launcher in this room, which can be accessed by turning on the two rapid platforms on the side and riding them up to a secret door on the north end.

Next, to take the rest of the level. I usually start with the rightmost bridge, and work my way west. There's an easy way to deal with the Troopers who ambush you without firing a shot: Jump in the water. They will foolishly jump in after you, but they can't swim and their weapons don't work. You can punch them out or leave them there.

The next area you encounter is the first of the "hot springs". This level is very well connected, and if you look up over the baths you can see places you will get to soon. At the end of this corridor is a lone green Bob, who deserted his fellows and hid cowering in this corner while the Pfhor rampaged. Serves him right if you shoot him. Because you thought he was assimilated. Yeah, that was why I shot him. Really.

At the end of the next level up (through the blue elevator) Durandal ruminates on good, evil, and primitive computers. What is Thoth, exactly? We're about to find out. One question is where exactly this message came from. It must have been written some time ago by Durandal, before he died. Perhaps he gave it to the Bobs as part of a larger set of instructions. But how did it end up on a terminal in this place, where no humans had been before? Neaby is the first of Thoth's personality cells. You can either go for a swim or head back to the start and take the middle path.

I jumped in the pool, swam under the oddly solid waterfall, and went on to the place where the Bobs make their stand against the Troopers. Shades of the real Thermopylae... Once all the monsters are dead, make sure you dart through the gap in the barrier quickly as a traffic jam usually forms around that point. Heading onwards will bring you to a place with lots of water and winding stairs. In here is another personality cell and some patches of teleporting ammo.

Going back past the Bob ambush, take the path up. It will lead you to some extra ammo near the waterfall, and a small, multilevel area which contains an important secret: The assault rifle. Jumping directly in from the ledge will trigger a large ambush, including some assimilated Bobs, so go around the side and down the passage.

After all this, it's time for the final site, and time for control of you to be handed off to yet another distant entity. Get ready to kill your television...

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