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Posted By: Vaxuum BOBDate: 6/12/03 10:37 p.m.

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: I'm pretty sure there's an expression "my own private Waterloo".
: The battle of Waterloo was the climactic battle in the Napoleonic Wars in
: which the Duke of Wellington and the 7 th coalition (Britain, Austria,
: Russia and Prussia) defeated Napoleon Bonaparte near Brussels.

: I believe the expression refers to an endless personal battle or struggle
: that seems unsolvable. This could also relate to Durandal's secret message
: on this level. It appears that he was somehow struggling for resurrection
: at this time. In his incapacitated state, he sends the marine this message
: to give us hope and warning in the pivotal stage of our mission to uncover
: the mystery of L'howon. The change to Thermopylae may be a reference to
: the Icarus-Thermopylae war of 2194 that Durandal was possibly involved in.

Huh? Actually, I'm currently writing a little marathon fan fiction, Icarus tale, that consists right now of two short stories that follow each other, posted on the maraff page (well, one at least is up, the other you can find on my webpage in the 'fiction' section), called "dangerous distances" and "nearer arrivals". This story relates the war of Icarus-Thermopylae, as seen by a few of its participants. And reveals to the reader a few secrets... Now it would be nice if the events all fit in, and the fiction make any sense. So what you are stating here is that Durandal was already there during the conflict? That is an interesting assumption, regarding that story, since it actually involves pfhor. Could you explain a little more of your point of view on this, so I can make a coherent history out of it?

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