A functioning Marathon in storage.
Posted By: DispatcherDate: 10/27/01 5:31 p.m.

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: For the record, I never really viewed Tau Ceti as being the Marathon's final
: destination; it seems that if the ship had already served its purpose it
: would land on the planet

Its a hollowed out moon (formerly orbiting Mars) and thus too massive to land.

: and be scrapped for raw materials, or at the very
: least be voided of its inhabitants.

Perhaps the process had been in progress.

: If the Bobs were all traveling to Tau
: Ceti, they wouldn't just stay on the ship when they arrived.

Its possible that the Marathon was at this point in time used as a base from whence environmental research and colony building was planned. Further, workers could "commute" during the construction of basic facilities on the planet.

However, your point raises some ideas. Even if the Marathon were not intended to move on to another destination after the colony was established at Tau Ceti, the Marathon could remain valuable for future use (assuming it wasn't destroyed by the Pfhor when the colony was sacked). Perhaps in the Halo universe (time line willing) the Marathon is found and either utilized or just memorialized via the use of its symbol on, for example, the POA and on crew uniforms.


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