Sheep and lemmings.
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: Another good example (particularly relevent to the Marathon) is when new
: oil-rigs are towed out to sea.
: This is refered to as their maiden voyage and they'll be bolted to the seabed
: at the end of it.

I can understand Narc failing to read my entire post before he replied. Yet further followup replies indicate that either people are like sheep and lemmings,or just are too impatient to read an entire post and look at it all in context.

Even if I am wrong about the usage of the phrase "maiden voyage" (and I probably am in relation to the Marathon), I felt that of greater interest is that UV Ceti facts were just as available to the Bungie team as were facts about Tau Ceti; including the fact that a craft destined for Tau Ceti would have to work hard to avoid at least a flyby of UV Ceti. And even if Bungie never heard of UV Ceti, it can be a useful tool to help explain away the glaring "lightspeed message will arrive in 92 years" error, after the fact. This is especially so since it is possible that Halo will have some Marathon tie-ins that we don't know about yet. This little tidbit seems to just beg for a Halo tie-in here by way of the Cole Protocol. Something along the lines of intervention at a relay station at UV Ceti, or Leela receiving a secret ftl message instructing her to alter data and aim transmissions at UV Ceti rather than Sol; all to protect earth from being discovered.

I also thought some of the die-hards here would enjoy the info on how long a year would be at Tau Ceti if the colony world orbited within the Comfort Zone. I also included links to all kinds of purty little clickable 3D animations and charts.

I guess I should learn to limit each post to a specific little thought and put it in a single line sentence, lest it be lost on those who's fingers twitch above the "reply" button. :-)


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