... its a dream. *Just kidding!*
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: Just perhaps, the colony at "Tau Ceti" wasn't really at Tau Ceti.

: Maybe the Marathon's maiden voyage was indeed to Tau or even UV Ceti
: but just to leave a relay station. My knowledge of the particulars has
: faded a bit, but did we have any specific details on what percentage
: of C the Marathon could reach? Just because Leela, Tycho and Durandal
: told us we were at Tau Ceti doesn't necessarily mean we were, does it?

: CH

Long time no see CH!

Heh. Now that's what I call thinking outside the box. :-)

As you indicate, UV Ceti would have been just a place to either stop and set up a base there or just to fire a relay satellite at. I take it that you are suggesting that the Marathon could have gone to some other star than Tau Ceti?

If so, we would need to look for a star similar to Tau Ceti. Further, we might use Leela's comment about the lightspeed message reaching Earth in 92 years as the outside range of this star's distance. It would be hard to determine what star it is (if not Tau Ceti) because we don't know what course(s) the Marathon would have followed. It would be best if it were in the neighborhood of Tau Ceti since otherwise the constellations would not look right to the colonists or perhaps the Marine.

Your idea is interesting, but the likelihood is low. Nevertheless, just for fun I think I will compare some stars and pick out some candidates that might fit Tau Ceti's profile and neighborhood.


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