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Well this goes allong with the theroy that there are only a couple of things faster than light. One of them being Monarchy. To explian, obviously, if rule imediantly passes from the very recently dead monarch to the new guy it has to do it resnably fast overwise it might hit, say the head of a republican and get captured. Thus never allowing the monarch to rule (or not to rule for very long, depeding on definition of long). Since it aslo cannot be seen this partical of monarchy must move faster than light. Of course this only reduces the problem of hitting the revaloutionary, but makes it a damm slght harder to say keep the moarchy partical mid flight as it where.
I am not sure if this works with a pheonix, or Death for that matter. Death is a antropromortho phersonaphacation (ie he exists becuse people either beilive he eixists or he has to exist (overswise whats to look forward to when you die?)) and thus can't actuly be killied in a normal way, you have to find some way of actuly making it so that he dose not exsist. However a Pheonix simply creates a new baby pheonix when it dies (as well as possibly breeding) the mytholagy of this means that all pheonix's can't die out ever and thus have a ever burning flame. This has more to do with the fact that the universe will continue unabated as it where no matter what you do with it.

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