Eternal X Tour of Duty Chapter 2 Stage 2
Posted By: Lion O CyborgDate: 9/24/20 12:34 p.m.

Chapter 2: Enemy Stage 2: Honesty & Forgiveness

Forward by LOC. Sorry this took so long to come out, it's complicated. Anyway, VBB gave me his writeup files recently for Chapter 2 Stage 2 for me to post myself, so that is what I'm gonna do. Some footnotes were added by me below and are kept italicised and in green text so as to tell them apart from the main body. Without further ado, we finally resume where we left off back in April last year.

Act 1: Killing the Giants as they sleep

We start off on a narrow walkway, and before we can breathe there's drones flying up our arse. Looks like you can't trust this scenario to start you off in a room with no enemies, as the last few maps have been quite literally warzones.

This walkway forks in a cross shape, so we have 4 paths to choose. Scratch that; the east and west doors are locked. The north edge has a lift leading down to who knows where, and to the south is a big door that opens as we approach it, with an enforcer guarding a terminal in the room below (and a trooper with its back to us to get a surprise attack on). Other than that, there's just two fighters down there... and a violet 3x shield charger right off the bat! That's quite a mercy to us, and there seem to be an oddly small amount of enemies. Let's check the terminal and see what Tycho has to say: 

Tycho has already slaughtered a good number of the crew with s'pht/cyborg minions, and we're just taking care of the last few scraps remaining in this sealed off area. Notice the word choice: minions? Evil rampant psycho clone Tycho is rearing its ugly head.

This looks like another hard map to do a writeup for, because of how nonlinear it's looking like itís going to be. Want a look at it?

Ohh, boy. Welcome to Aye Mak Sicur 2: Electric Boogaloo.

There's a locked door by the shield recharge, but the one by the PB opens. It goes into a twisty, narrow corridor full of enforcers and fighters. Something odd I noticed in this skirmish is if an enforcer gets close to you in this scenario, it will do a melee attack of some kind. A glitch? He must be hitting you with the butt of his gun. And we can either keep going down the corridor, or enter another door where fighters flood out and it looks like a small hub connecting to three other rooms, two I suspect lead into this same corridor, and one at the top of a platform and stairs. A button next to it opens a door back to the main hub of the ship.

Going back down to the path we were in, the area we find ourselves in is quite mazelike, with twisting intestines of corridors, but they all lead to the same areas, with hunters hiding behind corners. We go down some stairs and a trooper and some fighters over a cliff are waiting for us. Going straight, we see we're traveling quite a far bit south, and this pfhor ship is very M1-ish in its hive-like and curvular design. Human cyborgs wait for us, and attacking them was a bad idea as I'm soon reminded they're on our side when I see them killing fighters down another cliff. Oops. My bad for killing you, guys.

Avoiding falling down those cliffs, we start curving around the bottom of the ship. And... we hit a locked door. Time to run back to that terminal!

So where should we go first?

The one unopened door back in the smallish room connecting to the east-side door of the main hub goes to a staircase full of magenta and green-lined walls. Let me take a moment just to say I love what they did with complementary colors in the design of the pfhor texture set here. It's not clownish like the M2 textures, or Dark and Edgy like infinity (the slime we have here is magenta, not red). They created some colorful and alien textures that arenít too garish, though it looks like everything is inexplicably covered in wires.

Note by LOC: The improved M1-like style of Eternal is actually my favourite Pfhor ship design in Marathon. For me, the M2 textures only really worked for Boomer, being dťcor changes Durandal made between M1&2 and the Infinity ones, while nice, did seem a bit too similar to Alien or Duke Nukem 3D, especially the webs in the basement of Rise Robot Rise, though as Viking Boy Billy just pointed out, the Eternal Pfhor set does have its fair share of webs too. The alien oesophagus stairwell is pretty cool as well.

Over the lips, through the gums. Look out tummy, here we come! To give you indigestion.

Below is a circular area filled with slime paths and fighters/enforcers/troopers. The architecture of the area has the appearance like this is some kind of engine room filled with liquid energy. I advise not to explore the slime paths or you're liable to get ambushed in the central area óthere be hunters down in that slimy core. Some doors on the sides will lead... guess where? The bottom of those cliffs around the upper path! But there's also one with a green charger. Good to know; it's a little faster than running back up for the violet one.

Remember when I said not to follow the slime paths? Yeah, well, I accidentally lied; it looks like the only way to get to the other side. Brace yourself for some burn damage and a battle. Coming out into the central slime ring can mean certain doom if you aren't skilled enough, as a small army with a MOAH is here to greet you. The MOAH's explosion radius is quite wide so be careful if you go with the plasma rifle on him. It's the fastest way to get rid of them, at the cost of needing to back off from the explosion. When the room is cleared, there's a shield recharger and pattern buffer in some corner cubbies of the room, and a red/cyan elevator will take you up too... (guess where again), the central hub! We could come here right from the get-go when we start this map, but it is obviously a suicidally dangerous route.

Is there another path to take? Yes, there is! If we swim through the unexplored slime tubes we'll end up in a hall with a window to space and a teleporter to... somewhere. The orange fighter has his back to us here, so he's a goner. My guess is this is the west side of the ship that the doors are too non-functional to let us into without teleporting. There's some classic enforcers on ledges here to snipe, as well as lots of fighters we can beat with their own sticks =p

Note by LOC: I always wondered what the point of the windows in the slime/liquid thundrillium (or whatever it is) tubes are for. Do the Pfhor ride dinghies down the goo tubes like a subway system meets Space Pirates of the Caribbean?

It's another semi-labyrinth like area, and a door on the side will take us to a staircase up to... a button guarded by a fighter and hunter? It's an elevator that goes up a mere 1 WU to a circular top floor full of nasty wasps! Why are the wasps so tiny in this scenario? There's a triad of doors on the side here and the one on the left leads to a PB and Terminal, and this terminal isn't of the exciting plot-bomb variety:

Every other terminal has the same canned message, save Tychoís terminal near the start, so donít get your hopes up when you see them. Through another door is an enforcer that just stands there like an idiot that doesn't notice us, and we push a button that does... um.... we push the button and it doesnít do anything immediately apparent, and there's two more doors on the side here. In the right door is another PB (did we need two of them) and some drones teleport in. There is another button in the corner to press, which opens a door on the other side to another enforcer that must be in a coma, and another button! No, two! And I donít know what they do! Whatís with all the buttons?

The door at the end of this has another terminal with the boring message on it, and there's more enemies including a trooper in these paths. A bunch of wasps ambush us in the path on the left, and I'm running dangerously low on shield/health.

We end up back in the... central area? And there's a glass window with bars showing a green shield. Time to charge up! A hole to the left shows an enforcer and fighter guarding it, and on the other side of the shield we see another button. Another door here is locked (thank goodness, this writeup is a mess with all these paths).

We go back to one of the PBs to save (btw, the pattern buffers in this chapter have pfhor on them. A nice touch, considering the human cyborg or s'pht PB textures wouldn't make sense, and it would have been so easy to just import the M1 pfhor PB and call it done), and in that area with 3 doors, we pick the middle to be swarmed by wasps and an enforcer!

I shot down a wasp in a weird position that makes it permanently falling under this button without ever landing.

And oh, there's a button here! Pushing it makes that lava rising sound effect, and there's slime pits in front of us, so it might have done something with the central slime paths below. But wait, that's not all! If you go behind the button, there's... another button! I almost missed that one. So what did it do? *shrugs*

Look, as much as I want this to be a 100% all things revealed guide, I don't wanna go digging in the map files with weland to be an archaeologist for Eternal.

So what's behind door number 3? Lots more branching paths, buttons that I don't know what they do, and swarms of wasps and a hunter. One button opens a door that leads to the area behind the slimefall we saw up behind the middle door and there's wasps and enforcers guarding... guess what? More buttons! One of them empties the shallow pool of slime we're standing over. For what purpose? Did it remove the slime on the lower level?

We turn back into the western route and find another corridor with more buttons, but the effect of one of the buttons is apparent: it opens a wall in the big central room just ahead.

All the terminals keep drilling home the same thing: their priority is defending the plasma core? Then let's frog-blast it ;) Is that what all these buttons do? Frog blast the plasma core?

It's easy to get ambushed by troopers in this area, and the wall that opened ahead and the door to the right both have buttons guarded by hunters. A pair of double doors in the hall opens to a big room with a nasty horde of enemies. I died several times getting through this part, but at least there's a pattern buffer for our trouble. Good thing, because there's another big ambush on the double doors on the other side!

There's a star-shaped wall of plasmafalls ahead with tiny wasps... drinking from it? BTW, the tiny wasps is the worst decision made in this scenario. Why did they have to be so tiny? If they have to be small, then shouldn't they have less health than the big ones? It's important to know where that 2x shield charger is, and keep running back to it! The door on the right goes back into the... central hall? To go charge up and save. There's another room on the side on the way there that has another button guarded by wasps and an enforcer, and if we press the button behind the 2x shield, it opens the door behind us and a tick crawls out. It leads to parts of the ship we've already been.

Note by LOC: The uppermost floor (mentioned in a different thread as well) reached by that hidden lift and a tall, green staircase is a map from the original Eternal X (1.0) called Forever My Greatest and Only Love, which was added above the original May The Pfhorce Be With You map with the stairs and lift added to connect them together. The former map was the second success plank level of Chapter 3, just after Second to Last of the Mohicans (more on that later) and the goal was to prevent the Pfhor from firing the Trih Xeem at Lhíowonís sun. All the plasma draining was to either cancel the Early Novaís charge or fire it early. Thatís what the thundrillium/plasma fall in the blue room with the little puddles was supposed to be. When the level was merged with this one, the goal of disabling the weapon was changed to ďfrog blastingĒ the plasma core.

An interesting glitch I found in 1.2 is after draining the plasma column, I jumped down the well to see where it lead: the plasma core matches up with the MOAH (canít remember if it was a blue Commander or a black Spec Ops) room in the canals, so I decided to test if the map makers thought far enough ahead to have the chute here connect to the plasma core in the lower room via 5D space.

No dice: you werenít expected to jump or grenade jump down there so I was met with simply the bottom of the shaft and the Twilight Sparkle Zone:

The bridge area mentioned below had a message from Hathor in one of the terminals in the original 1.0 map, but it was removed in 1.2.

Going back to the outer hallway (with windows to space), heading along the path and winding to the side, we find another pattern buffer room, and if we keep heading to the center we find... a hulk? Okay. They're still on our side, right? I might never know, since it stands there like an idiot until I accidentally shoot it to make it go aggro.

And... I'm sorry, but it's too hard to make a writeup of this convoluted map. This is like aye mak sicur on steroids. I'll keep trying? A door on the right leads to another sector of that cylindrical plasmafall chamber. Pressing one button drains some plasma and activates the button next to it which was inactive. Pressing that one does...??? Beats me. There's a blue corridor with a save and some buttons, that leads out to an area we've already been, so we back out into the hulk room and an enforcer is guarding a button in a circular cubby, which is unable to be pressed.

If we keep going, we find a captain's-bridge-like high platform, another one of those jagged plasmafall walls and a bunch of baddies to face. If we keep going from here, we loop full circle around the outer part of the ship. There's another button in that cylindrical chamber we need to press to drain the last of the plasma. We have to go back to the triple-door area with the pattern buffer near the center to find it. In that room with a button right in front of a doorway that had a trooper ambush on the left and a wasp ambush on the right (I think?), we go right to find the last chamber. Make sense?

The only place left to go is down. The outer loop has some doors to elevators we can take down to the bottom. I end up in a corridor with those annoying enforcer-sniping high platforms, but there's a 2x shield on another elevator up to the central top corridor. There's also a staircase down to the same place with a button that's required to open the door. Um... okay? What's with all the locks? It's not like all the areas behind them are immediately inaccessible. On one end of the middle height area is a button, which opens one of the locked doors from the start of the map! Ok, what's left to explore, the plasma area on the lowest deck? No? Guess I'm on a wild goose chase to find whatever I missed on this clusterpfhork of a map.

There's actually a secret on the bottom floor's slime tunnels. On the very south wall, you can sink under the slime, and rise up to a 3x charge, O2, and a pattern buffer, and we hear lots of shooting beyond the walls here. Where could those pfhor be?

Something weird I just noticed is my O2 was already full even though I was submerged. Oh yeah, thatís right ó you restore air automatically, so the O2 chargers are pointless! Was the air-recovery a last-minute addition? Reading LOCís notes above, Iím guessing itís a result of this map being cobbled together from older maps before oxygen recovery was automatic.

There are staircases to either side of us where all the noise is coming from, so this place isn't really a secret since it's a requirement to kill everything. You know, one of those required secrets, a favorite old-school game design choice. Man, the 3x shield charger is really needed because they have you bottlenecked with a narrow stairwell and a low wall with a flood of resistance all lined up for us at the top! I took the staircase on the left first, and the room on top is interesting. We're in a large square windowed corridor looking into a big empty room (save the enforcer and the... mini-MOAH? It's a MOAH-colored M1 hunter and looks a bit smaller than an infinity MOAH) with a circular pad of light in the middle. The teleporter just leads to the same place you go if you take the teleporter down in the goo, so no use taking that. The staircase on the other side leads to the other side of the locked door in the middle-outer-area, the place with the ledges above the lower floor.

Tycho says weíre not done yet, so thereís something we missed. After re-exploring the map, we find a blue room in the top floor that hasn't been explored yet. There's a staircase leading down to... the other side of a locked door to an area I've already been. NOW I found the area I haven't explored, legitimately (it's on the floor below the lower-left corner slimefall star. Look, I'm sorry if the descriptions are bad, but I'm trying to finish this the best I can). I can distinctly describe this place as one with two locked doors on two sides of the rooms, and oblong elevators on the other two sides. One elevator goes down, the other a little bit up into a blue-yellow vent. We'll go up first.

Yipe! Apparently there's a whole floor above the 'secret' area with the big teleporter (which explains why there's still so many red marks in that part of the map when I thought I killed everything there). A flood of enemies comes at us, and it's impossible to take damage in the narrow path we're bottlenecked in. This room is odd to describe. There's lots of four-sided...foothills? pedestals? upward, and it looks like there are pfhor frozen in stasis in the light chambers. They're deaf and won't attack until you shoot first, so they look easy to clear out; but, actually, no; they're not easy. Starting at full 3x, bit by bit, the troopers whittle us down to a shred of red shield. It's incredibly difficult to clear out this room in one go, and that's the only reason this room exists: to be cleared out.

Note by LOC: I think this honeycomb room is supposed to be a sleeping hive and the room with the giant teleporter a cargo bay. The light chambers seem to be intended to represent nests or beds. Maybe the Pfhor sleep standing up like birds.

But yeah, fuck the hive. Itís cramped, thereís awkward ledges everywhere, tough pfhor that you have to kill and itís easy to get stuck on the little triangles by the door when trying to exit. Thank god when I played, I was able to use the door and grenade trick to deal with the first lot of pfhor.

I think this room, and the map as a whole is emblematic of a fundamental flaw with extermination maps: when the only goal is to kill everything, itís too easy to make a map a convoluted scavenger hunt where every area only exists to house the enemies you need to kill. That sound like a lot of maps in general? It just removes the ďpress buttons, find exitĒ part of the formula of most maps, distilling it to just exploring all the map and killing everything. If you have to explore a place, there should be interesting things to see. All the M1 maps were just about exploring the whole area, but the pfhor ship was new and very alien to us in every sense of the word, and I can recall each map introducing something new and having purpose you can infer from the design. The BoBs on pfhor-gurneys come to mind. They were the anatomical references for building the simulacrums. There were also pfhor eggs, those floaty metal balls, seeing the Marathon in the windows, and so much more to inspire wonder in the player. The masterpiece that is Aye Mak Sicur was a confusing mess, but it was curious for being an abandoned Jjarro station housing a Wírkncacncter remover, and although it was hard to navigate, every room in the map looked unique. This map is trying to be like those, except without anything interesting to see here, itís a whole lot of nothing. I believe thatís what bothers me most about this map, moreso than its difficulty and its confusing design. But you can just skip it by doing the success route.

Moving on from that tangent; the other elevator going down goes to... the room below with the big teleporter. *face slap* We already killed everything in this area, and we know there's a 3x and a save near here. So, are we done yet? Let's check Tycho and see.

Well, finally we've reached an end to this! But it looks like our evil red text version of Tycho now has an adversarial attitude toward Leela. No cheerful reunion with your long lost sister? Oh, right, relative to Tycho, the M1 timeline was just two maps ago for him. Well, it looks like they're going to fight over K'lia now. Next time, we'll see the space station Hathor is residing in (and it's one of those maps with enemies already shooting you when you spawn in... sigh, the music is interesting though).

Act 2: Pissing on the corporation

We have an enforcer and two fighters on us immediately upon teleporting in, but once they're taken care of, we can take in the amazing view.

Note by LOC: I had to add images from my own playthrough record here as the original image code in the text files I was given just linked to the start terminal in Act 1 of this stage. Oops. The screenshot link code referring to maps and the view are missing too, but the folder I was provided does have the terminal images and map snips.

We get a pattern buffer and terminal right off the bat! What's the word, Tycho?

Short, simple, and to the point. Is this really the insane Tycho that went on shakespearian ramblings?

There are two doors to pick; the one on the left and the one on the right. The one on the left appears to be an elevator, probably one to take you back up here if you fall down to the area below. So let's go left. We're in a curved tunnel and we can see drones patrolling outside the windows. These might be ramparts of some sort, if you can give a futuristic sci-fi fortress an equivalent of ramparts. At the end is another elevator, with an ambush waiting for us at the bottom. I have to patiently wait for the elevator to rise and drop to shoot the trooper in spurts until its dead, and there's an enforcer waiting in the back to give us potshots when we step out of the elevator and think we're safe. This room has a 3x shield and another PB, so we're all set right from the beginning!

The next room has a hulk mixed in with a bunch of pfhor, and he comes right at us! I guess they're no longer friendly. I did not hit him. I swear! He is lying! I did not touch him. I did not. But he will attack the s'pht if their shots accidentally hit him. I let the s'pht kill him after he took down one of their own this way.

It looks like we have more choices, with an elevator on the left and a main path ahead. But, again, take a look at the view.

Note from LOC: Iím winging it here as I think this is the image VBB refers to. As I noted in my own record on my log: Unlike previous builds, the machine now pulses with energy and the middle segment moves as if there is actually pfhor slime in there. Maybe the thundrillium is being used as a superconductor?

Is Hathor in that big magenta tower thing? Let's go up the elevator, and, oh dear, another two doors to enter on top of that. This is shaping up to be another mazelike map. I take the door on the right and clear out some enemies, and out the window is a window to another room which is probably the path of the door we didn't take, and we're overlooking a large, empty area with a fountain of what LOC calls "thundrillium." Let's go with that, since I'd neither classify it as slime or lava, and calling it "the magenta fluid" would take up too much space.

There's two locked doors here and a button, but it doesn't open either. Instead, it lowers the metal slab on this wall both the button and PB are inlaid in, revealing two panels to smash. These must be one of those three things Tycho wants us to destroy by smashing two panels each. The doors are still locked after smashing them, so we must go back.

That other door I thought was a fork in the path is also locked, but there's an opening in the back to a lift overlooking a pool of thundrilium. There's a star-shaped panel of light in the middle, and as we jump down, a horde of fighters and drones teleports in to swarm us. After clearing them out, we notice four buttons at the top of lifts, but only one lift is active, so we know which one we're pressing first. We can procedurally push each button to lower the lifts until we get to the new room above... or we can just lob a grenade at the last one :p

We end up in a room with a MOAH amongst a small army, and they neatly used the engine to make this room directly overlay the one we were in before by coming out from a little box connecting the upper and lower floor. You have to step on a platform which acts as a button to lower a lift. Ride up the lift and press the button to open another door and the hall there has a thin strip of a door in the middle of a tunnel. Be careful of surprise enforcers down these halls.

A button will take us up to the room where we smashed the first panels, but it's on the other side of a window and inaccessible, and some thundrillium... (tubes? wires?) are revealed. There are two other ways we can go. One elevator next to a button is too much of an ordeal just to stand on before it lifts off, and it takes us up to the old area with a twist; one of the locked doors is open (assuming we pressed the button down below)! And guess what's there? A room identical to the one where we smashed those two panels, so we get to smash two more! And nothing else is here. Lets just save/recharge here and try the other way from whence we came. If we go on the high ground and get on a platform that makes a weird staircase of lifts and jump to a teleporter, we end up in a new area. We press the button and a window opens, revealing that the area where we started is lifting up and down, and the drones outside can attack us here!

Let's head back down to the main hall around Hathor's Tower. I thought we'd find some more doors where we need to find the panels to smash, but surprisingly, this is just one long, curved hallway to a single door at the very end. Inside is another one of those normal-sized MOAHs. Or is it a MOAH colored regular hunter? It takes more fire to take down than a normal hunter, but a lot less than a MOAH. We can see what looks like an elevator, but it's stuck on the upper floor and won't come down, so there's only one more way to go here. There's quite a few big hallways, that are barren except for like, 3 fighters. And we end up right back where we started. So what now?

After conferring with Lion O on this Guide Dang it Moment, I was informed that, D'oh, the first room under the ramparts is one of the relays, and there's now a button on the side of thing to open the panels. Was it always there? I suspect I would have already pressed it, so perhaps it appeared when I opened the windows and made those thundrillium (wires?vents?) appear.

He also gave me a screenshot of the map in weland, and there's a whole bunch of the bottom/west section left unexplored, and the elevator to that area is still inactive.

Note from LOC: DMA was here. Last revised by Aaron 26.12.2018. Polygon height must be 0.768 units or less to avert potential trap. And thereís an arrow pointing from those last two to sector 419.

He told me we will revisit this station, and that unopened path, on the success plank in Burning Down The Corporation. Neat that these success/failure branching paths explore different routes of the same area.

With all the relays smashed, lets talk to tycho:

Uh oh, that's not good. So we're going back in time 2000 years to stop Hathor's plan to sabotage the s'pht and doom the human race, right? Right? What other plans for us could he be talking about? Find out next time on Living Receiver.

Act 3: The Living Receiver

Uh oh, where are we? We're back at this station from the end of the other failed timeline, and we're looking straight at a supernova with 180 degree vision.

A terminal behind us does some explaining.

Note by LOC: WHAT?! I thought it was still underground! I think I know what they are talking about. THIS must be the permanent measures the Jjaro took when they came to Earth all those years ago.

So, did Hathor succeed in getting humanity enslaved? I have a feeling that course of events is too obvious to be true.

There's obviously some free humans fighting the pfhor here, and they're surprised Tycho's a bad guy for some reason.

When we move forward, we can hear enforcers mowing down BoBs. Aaaaahhhh!!! They're everywhere! And yeah, we do have to fight some enemies in this map. The fisheye effect makes it appear as if we're running faster, but it's just, err... the effect of seeing the walls on your sides move faster than what's in front of you. It might be fun to be a rabbit.

And get this: BoBs are so stupid, they'll just stand there in my way, trapping me while a hulk dies. The most primitive reptile brain function is FIGHT or FLIGHT! Don't just stand there, you protozoans! ... you know, you guys deserve to be killed and enslaved by pfhor if you're this incompetent. Thank p'thia these games have no escort missions. Note by LOC: Well, thereís The Rose & Bob BQ but Bungie rightly dropped their horrible mission type ever since, plus Redux fixed the escort quests to make them not suck. Theyíre still Bobs though, even with the better AI Redux appears to give them.

After finding an 02 charger, I just found out this map's in vacuum. Actually, it's more interesting than that. If you push either of the buttons that opens a window, you'll be in vacuum, but when you close them, you'll get your air back. A nice touch.

After being hopelessly lost for a while I find another terminal! ... which is inactive. After a bridge, there's a room with what looks like a column of breakable panels, but they're unbreakable.

At the end of this map we find a terminal that works. Here's our explanation.

Note by LOC: Gee, thanks Thoth & Durandal.

Note by LOC: Thatís his rampant cloneís blood, not the original Tychoís! He was tainted by his clones and subtly manipulated to serve them and the pfhor, with the clones leading the charge! I thought you were supposed to be omnipotent now. What the hell, Durandal?

Note by LOC: Sure, whatever. That clears it all up doesnít it? Why canít the original be safe guarded against his clones and come with me and Leela then?

Oh, it's thothrandal, speaking in riddles. But the message is clear: Tycho Bad, Leela Good. We don't know what happened with Hathor, but I'm guessing Tycho was able to put an end to her... and then swiftly put us to work for his twisted ends. If he killed Durandal, how is Thothrandal here talking to us? Should I keep asking these questions when the laws of time, space, and reality have gone moot?

Next time, back to Unpfhorseen and the success plank.

Outro by LOC: Thatíll be in Chapter 2 Stage 3: Radical Starship. Donít miss it!

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