Re: level 22-Pfhoraphobia
Posted By: PerseusSpartacusDate: 5/28/13 8:31 p.m.

In Response To: Re: level 22-Pfhoraphobia (Simon Araque)

: Hey! You might want to keep an eye for the hallways with small rooms across
: them. This specific level has frustrated me during most playthroughs
: because it requires that you eliminate all of the enemies in this level,
: and sometimes they just wander off, preventing you from teleporting out of
: the level, and forcing you to run around the map over and over again, So,
: be patient.. and cautious! Cheers!

Oh yes, that is indeed the main problem with Pfhoraphobia. Same goes for Eupfhoria, though I think the real trouble with Eupfhoria is that the enemies actually respawn, forcing you to kill everything and then get to the exit point as fast as possible. Usually that fails, so you have to go back and kill the one Hunter or Wasp that's preventing your escape. Eventually you manage to get back in time, but usually you'll have had to go back over the level three, four, maybe five times just to deal with a few respawning enemies. Worse than the sin of Colony Ship, in my opinion, in that it is totally cheap and utterly annoying. At least Colony Ship was skillful and forces you to really think, putting newer players through unbearable torture and skilled veterans through just another test.


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