level 22-Pfhoraphobia
Posted By: dana brennemanDate: 5/28/13 2:13 p.m.

good evening....

anyone who might be able to help would be surely appreciated.

i am on level 22-Pfhoraphobia in marathon. i have found the secret door in the circular passage way where i get an alien gun and shadow power up. what does shadow power up do??

i have also found the alcove on the left of the elevator that takes me out of the pit. everything is blue when i get to this room and stays blue for some time. i think the blue disappears when i enter another room if im not mistaken. is there any significance to this blue state? im not sure what the infrared power up is / does or how to get it. unless the blue is it!!! without the ability to power up im not sure that i can get through this level. i have been at it for 2 days.

i love this game. first time i have played it since i was at apple in the early 90's. resurrected an 840av and ppc 8100 to play it on. having a blast. but not liking this level.

thanks for any help and guidance.

best wishes.

dana b.

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level 22-Pfhoraphobiadana brenneman 5/28/13 2:13 p.m.
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                       Re: level 22-Pfhoraphobiadana brenneman 5/29/13 1:02 a.m.

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