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Posted By: Aaron FreedDate: 9/22/21 8:45 p.m.

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: I forgot that thread.

: So Her Hindmost 'leads from behind.' I'm still not certain whether this
: refers to a character, a group/collective, or a place. What terminal(s)
: did it come from for context? I'm thinking this came from Tfear (praising
: the player? threatening his underlings?)

One Thousand Thousand Slimy Things, final terminal.

: Very impressive. The primary function of intelligence is the subordination
: of our instinctive desires, the mark of a strong species. Which is why
: your kind will serve well the needs of the Hindmost Creche. The
: Hindmost is of an intelligence so vast, it encompasses the span of the
: Pfhor, and to those privilege to serve Her, appears insane. That is the
: final function of the Commanding Rank, the thought that we keep forever
: in our minds, that we deny our selfish, willful needs, so that the Empire
: will survive.

The Hindmost Creche can’t be a group; Tfear explicitly uses the pronoun “Her” (capitalised as though She is a figure of some religious devotion, though there’s also a small possibility that this is a typo) to refer to Her. “Hindmost Creche” (as a reference to the ruler of the Pfhor) is almost certainly a metonymy, however – I compare it to how we use “White House” to mean a presidential administration, even though we obviously aren’t referring to the literal building when we make such references.

My speculation (although I should clarify that I’m purely making this assumption based on parsimony; nothing in canon explicitly confirms this) is that Tfear is using “Hindmost Creche” as a metonymy for the Great Mother crouched behind the Throne (to whom he refers in “Aie Mak Sicur”), who is only referred to in passing, but seems to be a figure of similar religious devotion. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were intended to be the same individual.

: The trih xeem broke against my dying vessel and smashed a fine patina
: across the mystery shields of this station. My crew battled the aliens
: during the blast, and the silence which came after was sullen and
: deafening--the pure silence of victory.
: ^^^alks897
: ^^^^rwx777
: ^^rw-664

: But the trackless whisper chattering through the hollow space in these
: cursed walls buzzes and threatens madness. The abomination cracked
: the shells of my crew and sucked the husks, tossing them unseen and
: shattering the spindle like a dried creche.
: The shields are gone, not down, but gone, and so are the engineers. It's
: coming back, I'm sure: and my last mercy is immolation.
: Great Mother crouched behind the Throne, I make this wrong right.

Note the appearance of “creche” in this terminal as well. This is hardly an explicit confirmation that the Hindmost Creche is a metonymy for the Great Mother, but if a link between the two was intended, this could’ve been meant as an implicit clue as to its existence. ¯\(°_o)/¯

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