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Posted By: Aaron FreedDate: 9/23/21 10:52 a.m.

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: Could a "dried creche" be a hatched pfhor egg?

I doubt it. The context is Tfear discussing how he’s the only survivor on the ship (getting some The Rime of the Ancient Mariner vibes from this), so as Hamish pointed out in the previous thread, it probably means a dead creche.

: Is the Great Mother the lightning goddess Boomer was originally named
: for? Somehow I doubt an unremarkable scout ship would get named for
: a figure Tfear holds in such high prominence. Maybe The Great Mother is
: a higher goddess, and the "throne" is on top of Pfhor Olympus, where
: she gives birth to lightning goddesses and high admirals.

My reading is partially along the lines of pfhore’s speculation, that she’s regarded as the mother of the whole species (the queen bee is a good comparison). However, the text is definitely written to be accessible to multiple interpretations, and the way Tfear refers to her suggests that she’s also a subject of prayer (and thus that the Pfhor regard her as a deity).

If she is a deity, the diction and structure of the “Aie Mak Sicur” terminal suggest she’s considered one of the most important in their pantheon, if not the most important outright – Tfear wouldn’t pray to a minor goddess in the final moments of his life. Their religion is apparently polytheistic (Durandal refers to Sfiera as “their goddess of lightning and passion” rather than simply “their goddess”), but I suspect she occupies a position comparable to, e.g., Odin’s in the Norse pantheon, Isis or Osiris’ in the Egyptian pantheon, or Jupiter or Apollo’s in the Roman pantheon.

Of course, Jupiter and Zeus were both thunder gods and were among the most important figures in their respective panthea (and Thor, the Norse thunder god, is hardly a minor deity himself); for that matter, Aphrodite and Venus (the Greek and Roman goddesses of love, sex, and desire) were also major figures in their respective panthea. A “goddess of lightning and passion” therefore isn’t necessarily a minor figure in their pantheon. However, I think it unlikely that they’d name a minor scout ship after a major goddess, so I suspect Sfiera is not the Great Mother.

(In many panthea, passion and motherhood are also represented by two different deities – in Greek mythology, Hera was the goddess of marriage, family, and childbirth, in contrast with Aphrodite’s role. [Hera equates to Juno in the Roman pantheon.] However, this is not always the case; for much of Egyptian history, Hathor was the goddess of both sexuality and maternal care, although she also possessed a vengeful aspect. Sometimes Hathor’s vengeful side is equated with the goddess Sekhmet [whose name can also be spelled Sakhmet, Sachmis, Scheme, etc.; people who have played Eternal may see the relevance here], and in some traditions, they are considered two aspects of the same goddess, while in others, Hathor is apparently Sekhmet’s mother. In summation, Egyptian mythology is a head trip.)

tl;dr: the Great Mother may be a major figure in the Pfhor pantheon, or may be regarded as their literal mother, or something else, or some/all of the above. My suspicion is that at least the first two are intended as valid readings, but the text is too ambiguous to be certain (perhaps intentionally, since in-universe, we aren’t the intended audience of Tfear’s message).

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