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Posted By: VikingBoyBillyDate: 7/14/21 6:22 a.m.

In Response To: Higher dimensions (Zeruhtaeus)

: Marathon and Doom both do 3D kind of the same way, but there is one thing
: that makes Marathon more complicated.
: Each level in Marathon is 4 dimensional.
: If you export a level to OBJ using Weland, you will notice that the levels
: don't work as one 3D space.
: Every polygon is a separate 3D space and the map itself is a 4D shape.
: The player position is x, y, z and polygon.
: Two players could be standing in the same x, y, z position, but be in
: different polygons so then they can't interact when in different polygons.

: The maps are 2D
: The renderer makes the maps 3D
: The culling Marathon uses makes the maps 4D
: The game loads and changes 4D maps so that makes the game 5D

: This is why you have to think in higher dimensions when porting Marathon
: levels to Unity or Unreal.

It's a time traveller from 1995! Welcome to the world of tomorrow! You have come 26 years into the future!

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