Infinity: the Story: Chapt 2, Part 2/2
Posted By: PhiltronDate: 12/17/20 4:35 p.m.

Chapter 2: Rage (Part 2/2)
Thing What Kicks…:

With the information and technical access to the water treatment plant, the main character is sent to destroy the dam system “opening the way for [Durandal’s] commandos infiltrating the Pfhor defensive perimeter”.

The main character disables the pumps of the water treatment facility and successfully floods Lh’owon command and other Pfhor facilities.

Durandal’s teams have activated the S’pht AI, and Durandal is “…learning much about the final days of the S'pht, but the intelligence is reticent and inscrutable. It expects something, that is clear enough, but what is a mystery”.

As Durandal tries to communicate with the uncooperative AI further, “the S'pht AI... keeps acting confused and disoriented.” It is unclear whether Thoth(?) is malfunctioning or just being its cryptic self.

At the same time, Durandal sends some of his humans to an ancient S’pht citadel to “search for clues” and plans to send the main character to help them. Durandal also bombards the “Pfhor’s electronic approval system” from orbit to cause even more chaos for them.

In orbit, Durandal is losing his battle against Tycho’s scoutship as Durandal’s S’pht begin “behaving strangely”. The Western Arm of Battle Group Seven approaches quickly in command of Admiral Tfear.

Durandal changes his plans and decides he needs immediate access to the Pfhor network. Instead of sending the main character to the ancient S’pht citadel, Durandal sends him to a command complex to help infiltrate the network.


Perimeter Station 7AF, water treatment/maintenance facility for Planetary Command, and all of the Eastern Emplacements

Success status:

Tycho has disabled Durandal’s ship. Thoth is activated, but is not communicating with Durandal. S’pht’kr have not arrived. Tfear is approaching Lh’owon.


Presumably the S’pht Citadel mentioned here is the Citadel of Antiquity from Marathon 2.

Also, the command complex Durandal is about to send the main character to is clearly Warerloo Waterpark, the first level of Marathon 2.

It is genuinely unclear what is going on with Thoth. It’s hard to make guesses, as well, since this is the first time we’ve seen the two of them interacting with each other. Thoth may be behaving coy, or there may be something wrong with him.


The main character presumably continues living out this timeline until the W’rkncacnter is unleashed since that’s what seems to motivate the timeline shifts. There is nothing about the end of Thing What Kicks that would obviously motivate the main character (or anyone else) to change timelines at this point.

We, the players, however skip those intervening events and are shown the stories in the dream levels (“Electric Sheep Two” and “Whatever You Please”), with the option of seeing the end of a failed timeline.

Carrol Street Station:

What happens:


There is so little information here that my initial impression was that this level may be completely unconnected to the previous timeline and may portray an ending to a timeline we never actually play through.

However, as Hamish has pointed out, there is an interview with Greg K. and Chris G. where they confirm that these failure levels are canonically meant to be the endings of their corresponding timelines.


This is a copy-paste duplicate of the previous Ai Mak Sicur level from before, except there’s no oxygen. Other than that, it is identical in every way including a teleporter that takes you to the start of “Rage” again.

There is no explicit mention of the W’rkncacnter, the tri xeem, Thoth, Durandal, or the nova.

Nothing in the previous levels suggests what could have led to a failed timeline or whether the S’pht’kr were even summoned. Even though S’pht’kr do appear in this level, this may just be an artifact of being an exact copy-paste of a different failure level.


Aye Mak Sicur station

Success status:

Everything is unclear. It is even unclear as to whether the tri xeem has been used or whether the W’rkncacnter has been unleashed.


The only terminal here starts with the login “haga.kure” which is the name of the volcano crater base that the humans occupy in Chapter 4: Envy.

The exit terminal contains green text which looks similar in style to the text associated with the Durandal-S’pht entity at the end of the game. Does this mean they merged together in this timeline? This green text is the only thing that could possibly give us clues as to what is going on, and is probably the only cryptic-style terminal I’ll bother analyzing.

Just for fun, let’s try and force some meaning out of all this. We know that in the preceding Chapter, Durandal and Thoth are both active at the same time (in M2, Thoth doesn’t become active until after Durandal’s fake death); how this changes things, I don’t know. Durandal seems to be losing his battle in the same way he was losing in M2 and Chapter 1: Despair. But even when Durandal loses these battles and “dies”, he is still capable of winning the war as he does in M2 and Chapter 4: Envy.

What obscures things even more is that characters in Infinity will be in the same situation in different timelines, but will act differently for no discernible reason (Durandal choosing to either explore or not explore Lh’owon with the main character, or Tycho warning against or being willing to use the tri’xeem).

In this failure level, the green text seems like S’pht-Durandal, so for sake of argument let’s assume it is.

Following this assumption, Rage leads to Durandal being destroyed, but retaining some copy of himself which then merges with the S’pht AI and manages to make it to the Aye Mak Sicur station (like in Chapt 4), which brings us to Carroll Street Station. We don’t know what’s up with the Pfhor, Tfear, Tycho, the S’pht’kr, the trih xeem, or anything else.

The poetic terminal text does contain the words “fair k’lia dust/ lost home anew lost and lost/ my wriggling children’s/ children children/ gone from the plan”.

My initial interpratation was that since Durandal mentioned Thoth seems confused earlier, that maybe 1) Thoth has lost the coordinates of K’lia and can’t remember how to summon the S’pht’kr, so they are “lost” to him?

The vagueness of this level and its disconnectedness from the preceding Chapter pretty much leave any possibilities open.

2) Perhaps K’lia and the S’pht’kr were summoned, but then both were destroyed by the nova from the tri xeem? Why this would be different in this timeline, I don’t know.

3) Perhaps this failure level represents a timeline where the S’pht’kr civilization collapsed and they died out centuries ago, so when they’re summoned they don’t arrive.

4) Perhaps S’pht-Durandal summon K’lia, but the main character isn’t present (though the player is) on the station and they can’t activate it without him, so K’lia is destroyed by the W’rkncacnter?

I’m just tossing up any random ideas I can think of because this level is so vague.

Honestly, anything could be true including the W’rkncacnter not being summoned, maybe.


Ultimately, maybe there isn’t meant to be an answer here. Maybe things are deliberately meant to feel uncertain and chaotic, almost as if you’re fighting Doubt itself. That’s the best I’ve got.

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