Re: M1R-a ctnd ^that post had massive spoilers!
Posted By: Lion O CyborgDate: 2/26/19 5:28 a.m.

In Response To: Re: M1R-a ctnd ^that post had massive spoilers! (Shining Raven)

: I know I've been pretty open about things over the last few pages on the
: Pfhorums, but going through and exposing as much as you just did really
: ought to come with a spoiler warning!

Whoops. Sorry. I'll try to remember if I cover the next build.

: I always assumed it was basically a wall socket adapter- you know, like you
: use to plug a Euro phone charger into a US power outlet- which carries
: with it the assumption that "recharge terminals" are nothing
: more than power outlets. If you look reeeeeal closely at my HUD, you'll
: see the health bar labelled "V" and that full red is
: "150"...

That was what the name implies at least. Shudaki pointed out the same in his Trilogy LP. Since the vanilla game AEC does nothing and you get it soon before going to the pfhor ship, using it to interface with at least the first aid/shield terminals makes sense, as Durandal would put it, you can't slay more pfhor if you die. The HD texture of M1A1's chargers even says to plug into the socket.

Maybe the reason they heal you too (other than health and the two shield levels sharing the same meter, like Destiny copied from Marathon) is the charger prioritising auto-repair/first aid functions of Marcus/The SO's body first, like Robocop, with the shield charge happening depending on the terminal voltage, which would explain why only 2x and 3x health stations give you shielding after full health. As for the shield batteries from M2 onward, maybe Battleroids can use battery acids and alkalies as literal energy drinks.

: Nope! Look again, there are several windowed sections!

Oops. I forgot about those too. (the side passage and the end terminal) Maybe the windows were broken, letting all the air out.

: That's your name display and respawnabililty indicator, as it is on the M1
: HUD.

I see. Thanks. I actually noticed it was on the M1 classic HUD too after I posted (doh!) but I still didn't know what it was. Does it light up if aiming at another player? It always seemed blank when I played with the original M1 HUD and the manual doesn't mention it.

Thanks for the information. Can't wait for the next build.

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