Re: M1R-a ctnd ^that post had massive spoilers!
Posted By: Shining RavenDate: 2/25/19 10:51 p.m.

In Response To: Marathon 1 Redux Alpha continued (Lion O Cyborg)

I know I've been pretty open about things over the last few pages on the Pfhorums, but going through and exposing as much as you just did really ought to come with a spoiler warning!

: flowing into the teleporter flooded the secret room with the trooper in
: it. That's a nice touch.
: ...
: smoke, it's clouded the whole map. Since you can't crouch, you are forced
: to breath in the smoke and choke. That's very clever; that area is quite

Thank you.

: M1A1 but they haven't deliberately run over the edge before. At least I
: think they did, as my hint was they made their fire death scream in the
: distance.

They definitely shouldn't, but it's possible a BoB might have gotten pushed into a pit by an exploding Looker or something, especially since the BoBs now fight back sporadically. In case anyone is wanting to cry foul, their attacks are weak, inaccurate, infrequent, and they still run away from Pfhor; they still act mostly like M1 BoBs and not anything at all like M2 BoBs.

: I wondered if the alien energy converter would be now shown to provide a

I always assumed it was basically a wall socket adapter- you know, like you use to plug a Euro phone charger into a US power outlet- which carries with it the assumption that "recharge terminals" are nothing more than power outlets. If you look reeeeeal closely at my HUD, you'll see the health bar labelled "V" and that full red is "150"...

: Neither High or Low is.. an interior area

Nope! Look again, there are several windowed sections!

: including an upper hallway I have no idea how to reach.

Because it's unfinished. It'd look really bad if you went up there as it is right now. Aaron was going to help me out with that level, before we got sidetracked with Eternal.

: I wonder though, what is the new bar above the motion tracker? Is it just
: decorative?

That's your name display and respawnabililty indicator, as it is on the M1 HUD.

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