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In Response To: Path of KAP monsters/ideas for Eternal 1.2 (Lion O Cyborg)

: Here's the complete list of basic monsters and boss monsters I either made up
: or intend to borrow from PID or Marathon Evil. Some of these might work as
: alternate Wrkncacnter monsters to the headless and nightmares for Eternal
: 1.2 if you think some of them are good. The PID ones maybe not so much.
: (the original word document was written from an in universe perspective of
: KAP's guide) There exist references to weapons I wanted for it I had
: written up too. I could post the document for those too later if you want.

: Key: Italics : PID monster, don't even need to look at.

: Bold : Recommended

: Italics and underlined : Other Marathon enemy

: Pre text notes: Some of the things below are references to other mod ideas
: such as weapons or hazards.

: The Pinecone referenced later is the BFG of Path of KAP. it is a literal
: Pinecone that causes a Juggernaut blast and instantly kills anything with
: a given radius, except maybe the Final Boss (unless it's vulnerable) or
: the Extra/Puzzle boss.

: The Meta is a comb with rusty drawing pins welded to it. Basically it's a
: reskin of the shock staff, but the projectile attack flings a pfhor
: fighter that gibs when it hits something.

: The Chaingun is wrist mounted and is basically the MA-75. Inspiration comes
: from Pumyra from Thundercats 2011 and playing too much Marathon and Doom
: in 2012 and 2013. This was long before I knew that EVIL had a chaingun.
: ,U.Marathon 1 grenade climbing must be working for this weapon,/u>

: The Boomstick is just the PID Grenade launcher with the option to fire white
: phosphorus style grenades as an Alt Fire ala the grenade launcher from
: Strife.

: Blood and sewage are liquid ideas for the mod. Both would come in harmless
: and harmful varieties (or so I hope) which may be possible with Weland,
: but I haven't had a lot of time to work with it recently so I'm not sure.

: Data Gel is just retextured Pfhor slime, as is blood. That's all you need to
: know.

: Dark Nerves are basically a black tangle of wires texture on a hotplate floor
: and/or as a shallow liquid (cables floating in coolants) that unlike other
: liquids or hotplates, deal instant death. They are based on another kind
: of (fictional) Dark Network nexus, and the instant kill floors in Strife.

: Final Note: I don't actually have any of these assets as I lack the skills
: and/or knowledge required to make and program or import them. They are
: just ideas I wrote down for my idea for a mod, which was inspired by PID
: and the Binding of Isaac Rebirth.

: Path of K.A.P
: Monsters

: Headless

: Headless (or headlesses) are bipedal creatures with cephalopod mouths and
: long red tongues instead of an upper torso.
: Do not waste ammo on them unless there is a large hoard. Use the primary
: attack of the Meta instead.
: Attack: Green Slime

: Death Message: You have died a horrible and nasty death. Wipe off the smelly
: goo and try again.

: Nightmare

: Nightmares donít actually look that scary. They float through the air and
: spit balls of electricity at you.
: Blue Greater Nightmares have armoured flesh and therefore, can only be killed
: with the Boomstick, Flamethrower and Pinecone. Their lightning balls also
: track you and can sometimes be hard to avoid.

: Both types of nightmare explode when they die so keep your distance.
: Attack: Ball Lightning

: Death Messages: 1. Green: You have been cooked by a Nightmare. Donít worry;
: it happens to everyone a few times.
: 2. Blue: You have been fried by a Greater Nightmare. (and yes, their electric
: balls track you)
: 3. Death explosion: You were standing too close to that Nightmare when it
: died. Wipe off the gibs and try again.

: Ooze

: Oozes look and smell like they are made entirely of wet poo. They will sling
: blobs of feces at your face and eat you with the maws in their chests.
: Most projectiles slop right through them so they take a long time to die.

: The green oozes are made of the poo of typhoid victims. They deal more damage
: and never fall, no matter what you use.
: They donít attack anyone who is poisoned, probably because the
: toxins/pathogens ďsalt the meatĒ for them to consume after they die.

: Attack: Blobs of semi-liquid poo
: Death Messages: 1. Brown: Oozes, theyíre everywhere. Canít stand em.
: 2. Typhoid: They are: the Great Typhoid Poo. And theyíre going to throw their
: shit at you!

: Devlins (From Marathon EVIL)

: Horrible masses of mouldy leaves and swamp water held together with sharp,
: claw-like sticks. Some are invisible. Their claws rake off raw flesh like
: roast pork straight from the bone. They collapse into a puddle of damp
: mulch when you kill them.

: Attack: Claws and teeth

: Death message: It doesnít bleed, but you can kill it.

: Fire Devlins

: Similar to their marshy brethren, except these devlins have magma running
: through them and are on fire.
: Their attacks hurt more and they can also spew streams of burning methanol,
: made from the distilled remains of their victims.

: Attack: Claws and teeth, plus fire vomit

: Death Message: Youíve been roasted by a fire devlin. I hope you packed
: asbestos underwear.

: Ignecrabromon

: Ignecrabromon are wasp-like entities of fire and venom. From afar, they
: launch magma bombs filled with liquid potassium and charge in to inject a
: direct dosage from their stings.

: Attack: Magma bombs and liquid potassium stings.

: Death Message: The virus-type binary demons killed you with your first
: initial. We wonít stand for this insult when we have the Action key.

: Banshee

: Nearly invisible phantasms, Banshees cannot be killed with ordinary weapons
: as projectiles fly right through them. You will need to use the Metaís
: primary attack, the flamethrower or Pinecone to kill them.

: Using the Meta is dangerous however as they take a few hits from it which may
: be enough time to smother you.

: Attack: suffocation

: Death Message: You have died. Those Banshees are really annoying arenít they?

: Glassworm

: Glassworms are not translucent parasites like youíd think, but giant hellish
: annelids of lava.

: They burrow underground to escape shots and attack by spitting liquid Caesium
: mines and biting with their split lips. They are vulnerable to hitscan
: grenades and spore pods only.

: Attack: Caesium mines and (teeth?)

: Death message: The Demonic Revenge of the Jim-in-the box! (TM)

: Shemales (Just ignore this one: This monster isn't appropriate for outside of
: the Path of KAP mod)

: Skitters and Vores were bad enough. Shemales are just disgusting.
: (Author's note: Vores as in the Quake 1 boss)

: They are basically predatory succubae that look like a female anime villain
: with a giant spider for an arse. Shemales weave thick webs to ensnare any
: attractive women to use as incubators for their eggs.

: This includes you too. Since you donít get caught, they just attack openly,
: by shooting balls of web soaked with data gel.
: They can also transform one of their arms into a polyp of purple tentacles
: which they pistol whip you with and also use in a less violent manner on
: victims after they are finally subdued. (take a wild guess)

: Any males they catch are farmed for more gel, which they mutate into their
: own DNA using viruses in their bodies and add to their natural supply. The
: males are then killed and eaten as they prefer female prey.
: Any unattractive prey of either sex is just eaten on the spot, or their
: carcasses are kept in a separate part of their lair for later consumption.

: There are also venomous shemales, which have dark green spider bodies, are
: slightly stronger and whose web projectiles are infested with viruses
: which will deal 3 quarters of damage to health and shields.
: Kill with the TOZT, please, but they are also vulnerable to the Chaingun.

: Attack: Data gel filled webs and tentacles
: Death messages: 1. Normal: Youíve been caught in the ??? Terra Byte strands
: of a shemaleís web and infected for all eternity. The good news is you may
: not be one of them any more (if at all). The bad news is this means it is
: not heaven, but hell, for both of us. Use the action key right now to end
: this atrocity.

: 2. Venomous: Youíve been killed by a venomous shemale. Try shooting it before
: it shoots you.

: Carriers

: Carriers are ordinary humans of about 7 to 21 years that have been infected
: by parasitic insects. Their heads swell to unnatural shapes, some of which
: resemble popcorn, as the bugs grow inside their brain cavities.

: Carriers do not attack you and instead run away; other monsters will try to
: attack them instead. While you can just leave them as they are in enough
: agony already, this may not be wise as they release their payload when
: they die.

: There are a couple of types which are instead told apart by head size and
: signs of decay as their payload feed on their muscle tissue.
: The oldest types of carrier are practically undead, more like empty husks
: serving only as portable hives.

: Upon death, they release the insects they were carrying which hunt you down
: to bite and sting. Only those insects are the threat and they cannot be
: killed by you, forcing you to run.
: They die after a minute or so and donít deal too much damage but there are
: usually groups of carriers and they cannot be killed by your weapons
: except the Pinecone.

: The older the carrier, the more insects are released and thus, the bigger the
: threat the bugs pose. The insects from the oldest carriers never die
: except in lava or by the Boomstickís secondary fire.

: Try to keep as many of the carriers alive as you can and leg it if any die.

: Attack: None

: Death Messages: 1.Insect swarm I: Those swarming, buzzing insects have
: finally stung you to death.

: 2.Insect swarm II: These insect clouds arenít as easy to get rid of as the
: smaller swarms are they?

: Lost Soul
: These kinds of lost soul arenít flying burning skulls, but semi-undead
: humans. Lost Souls usually have bleeding eyes as if crying blood and
: others have no eyes at all.
: They will beat you with their knifed fists and spit contaminated blood as a
: projectile attack. When a lost soul dies, its head may come off, leaving
: an animate torso gushing blood out the top, occasionally launching homing
: blood shots out of the jet.

: Attack: Knife reinforced fingers and blood shots

: Death Messages: 1. Lost Soul: Youíve been killed by a lost soul. The poor
: saps can really spit.
: 2. Blood-zombie: You were killed by the corrosive blood of a lost soulís
: remains. Wipe the blood off your face and give it another go.

: Stalker

: Stalkers are similar to oozes but are grey and made of decayed vegetable
: matter. They can deal a large amount of damage and are spawned by Shard#4,
: the False Reality.
: Attack: Blobs of decaying plant matter
: Death Message: You wake up days, perhaps months later staring at the stars
: and wondering ďWhere the hellís my roof?Ē

: Path of K.A.P
: Bosses

: Many of the bosses you encounter will be the Shards. The Shards are 7 beings
: split directly from the Core who stalk each level of the catacombs. There
: are other bosses too, who also should not be underestimated.

: Greed

: There are two Greed monsters at the bottom of the caves leading into the
: catacombs. These bruiser brothers take a million hits to kill and launch
: twin fireballs out of their arms. Like all bosses, you can only leave when
: both are killed. Greed is Shard#1.

: Attack: Fireballs
: Death Message: Well if you needed a light, I guess you got one.
: Selfishness

: Shard#2, selfishness is a snake-like entity a level down from Greed. It
: cannot die directly and appears not to at all. Selfishness is extremely
: hostile despite his malevolent grin and spews hot air and noise from his
: potty mouth.
: A gas mask might have worked to protect you, but it wasnít manifested in
: time. There should be some means of dealing with it nearby. Try finding a
: way to either squash or expose to vacuum this giant purple mutant
: hell-beast.

: Attack: Temper tantrums in physical form.
: Death Message: That was fun. Whatís your next plan?

: Creativity
: A master of worlds, Shard#3 can only be found in Special Stages where he
: spawns, but you do fight him for the first time in the Vector Deserts.
: Creativity is a shadow and crystal being who will spawn other monsters to
: attack you before revealing himself. He wields Caesium grenades and a
: Chaingun.
: Attack: Wrist-mounted Chaingun and Caesium Grenades
: Death Message: Game Over. You have infinite lives and XXXX patience
: remaining. Press Action to try again.

: Outsiders
: The outsiders cannot be made out right. From what I can tell, they know
: little about this world but somehow found a way in. Both outsiders appear
: ghostlike and while they donít die necessarily, you can banish them back
: to the outer world.

: Demon Trees (Ignore this one too. Not suitable for most Marathon mods)

: Found in the Dark Bowers, the very trees of those mountain woods are
: possessed by demons who will use them to tentacle rape lost cute girls
: like you, leaving them prey to oozes, Devlins or even Shard#4.
: They can only be killed by the TOZT flamethrower.

: False Reality
: You know of Shard#4 strongly. This Shard is a mass of decayed bodies mashed
: together with asparagus and stinging nettle stems.
: The False Reality will spawn grey oozes to distract you when it attacks.
: No lies of yours, ghostbusters or even my own attempts to destroy its body
: can stop its sharp, bladed stems it stabs with, even if we can keep our
: distance from it. Throw every weapon you have at it until it falls.
: Attack: Bladed plant stems
: Death Message: The nightmares of our past consume you and you wander this
: world endlessly for an exit while they return to finish me off.

: C.H.A.D (Same as the skitter girls and the possessed forestry; not for
: Eternal)
: Formed out of congealed and jellied data gel, the Cunt Hungry AIDS Demon
: swims about in pools of the substance it is made from and floats around
: above the surface.
: C.H.A.D will try to infect you by spurting thick blobs of the stuff full of
: cheese at you from its body and even launching heat-seeking memory
: bullets.
: You will have the Pinecone by the time he appears but donít use it on him as
: it will increase his hit points instead of decreasing them.
: Attack: Cheesy data gel bombs and heat-seeking memory bullets.
: Death Message: That death was just gross. Clean off the stinking jelly with a
: very dilute volume of hydrochloric acid and try again.

: Shemale Queen (same as above)
: How these disgusting creatures even have queens is beyond me. Itís like the
: normal ones but much bigger, it can launch even more web balls at once and
: has a data gel launcher whose projectiles are similar to C.H.A.Dís.
: Unlike C.H.A.D, it is weak to the Pinecone.
: Attack: Data gel bombs and venomous webs.
: Death Message: You stood in awe of the Spider Mastermind before being webbed
: in its lair.

: Fear
: Fear is a towering cyborg demon with Dark Nerves lacing around his body,
: powering his weapons. Shard#5 is found in the Rílyeh Skyline below the
: building where I first encounteredÖ No. I canít think about that thing
: right now.
: Fear is not far away from the Road to Mirai. You will have to get past him in
: order to descend further. He has a rocket launcher in his arm and fires
: Caesium grenades from his heart to protect himself.

: Attack: Rocket Launcher and Caesium grenades
: Death Message: You were blown apart by raw horror. Thereís far worse where
: heís beenÖ

: Love

: (wouldn't want to spoil the boss of the (semi) penultimate part of the mod
: would we? I wouldn't even know if it's possible to make an Iblis clone
: such as this one for use in Aleph One. Granted, Brutal Doom starter pack
: has the Titan Baphomet's full body, its own Iblis clone and an even bigger
: cyberdemon reskin...)

: A disciple of the Lion Goddess, Shard#6 earns his power from the Flames of
: Disaster known as Iblis, god of fire. After the Lion Goddessís mysterious
: disappearance and Miraiís bleak condition, he destroyed and flooded all of
: Mirai with lava and earthquakes in a blind, never ending rage of despair
: and envy.
: Love appears as a gigantic being of semi-liquid lava and peridotite armour no
: matter what form he takes.
: He will manifest as a tornado of fire, sucking up the very magma it rages
: over. Getting sucked into the vortex is instant death and it will be
: throwing obsidian chunks, cars and other debris at you.
: After taking on more direct form, Love resembles a humanoid cat rising out of
: the lava. This form will breathe fire and launch bread-crust bombs.

: In his final form, he is completely protected by peridotite and can only be
: beaten using the Pinecone and Boomstick. He will then use Pinecone blasts
: of his own as well as homing lava bombs and caesium jets.
: Form 1 Attack: Bread-crust bombs and fire breath.
: Form 1 Death Message: The Iblis Trigger met her (temporary) end at the hands
: of her worshipper.
: Form 2 Attack: Heat Seeking Bread-crust bombs, caesium jets and Pinecone
: waves.
: Form 2 Death Message: Love conquers all, even his makers.

: (Mirai is the name of one of the chapters/locations in the mod, set in a
: burning city flooded with lava, based on one down south of where I live)
: The city castle was built on an extinct volcano and it is meant to be
: active again in the game. The chapter uses a foreign name for
: "future" for largely the same reasons as the use of Latin in the
: main trilogy)

: Necrohaemae/Mortuus Est Sanguinis(Tm)

: Necrohaemae, also known as Mortuus Est Sanguinis, is Shard#7 and next to Fear
: and Love, the most dangerous of all of them. He survived death after
: losing his love, but woke up to find he was barely living and his flesh
: was decayed.

: He wears a dark brown trench coat and trilby hat which are constantly being
: dirtied from the blood, pus and meat dandruff his seemingly undead body
: leaks now and then.
: Guarding the passage to the Core in the BIOS Zone, he is actually the dark
: evil that slowly taken over this domain. Even if he dies, he will live on
: in the Core itself.
: He spread the six other Shards across the upper levels to fully take over and
: proceed to the waking world before the old Core fully decays.

: Necrohaemae uses as many weapons as he can; a Chaingun, Fusion pistols and a
: Boomstick. The only way forward is to kill him and then finish off the
: Core. Next to Love and the Core, he has the highest number of hit points
: of any boss.

: Attack: Copies of your own weapons
: Death Message: Youíre so close! DO not let this be the final curtain call!

: Core of the World (Final Boss of Path of KAP. Imagine the Nihilanth crossed
: with the Icon of Sin if the latter didn't suck. This would be even harder
: to do than Love, the Iblis clone) Despite the description below, it needs
: to look like it's warping out of shape ala Gyiyg in Mother 2 as -to quote
: that game- you cannot grasp the true form of the Core's appearance or at
: least it should look like it's seen behind lenses and smokey mirrors)

: The dead centre of this ruined world and the overseer of all of its functions
: lays deep underground in a massive cavern under the BIOS Zone. It was
: tainted by Necrohaemae who split himself and the other Shards across all
: the upper levels. Now you must destroy the Core for the world to heal.

: The Core itself manifests as a massive luminous sphere of biological matter
: and electronics. All the Nerves of the Dark Network converge here in its
: nexus and form many of the neurons.

: It follows basic instincts and will try and protect itself when threatened.
: Such attacks include lightning arcs, spawning all monsters, teleporting
: you off to side rooms with copies of the Shards and flooding the Nexus
: with coolants laced with Dark Nerves.

: To attack the Core, you must find a way to remove the main Dark Nerve
: clusters connected to the Epicentre. You may need to reach a higher level
: to do so but when they are released, destroy the connector nodes in the
: epicentre.

: Doing this should crack open the outer shell and expose the biocircuitry
: inside. Throw everything and I mean everything into that hole to damage
: the inner Core. Once you attack it from one side, you have to open another
: Dark Nerve cluster and start again.

: Once all main sections of the Core have been damaged, attack the Core from
: one last wound to destroy it.

: Then you must return to the surface as fast as you can. I will try to open as
: many escape portals and lifts as possible but they may only take you so
: far.

: The Antitime (Best to leave it out of Eternal 1.2 as well, especially because
: of the consequence for getting killed by it)

: This is a cosmic horror of unknown certain origin. Iíd theorise it is what
: remains of Calypso after the Oggia pocket dimension reached full entropy
: and collapsed upon itself.

: It appears to be a human girl, but something is clearly wrong: the thing is
: devoid of any color except death black entropy and dead whiteness.

: I may as well say this now; I first encountered it in a Special Needs school
: isolated high in the south mountains. Time and space seemed distorted
: somehow and an unnatural fog swept over the place.

: I just happened to come across a poster taped to the kitchen door featuring
: images with this entity on it. I canít repeat what it said and the image
: order seemed rather mixed up but for now weíll just refer to it as
: 1955135.

: I couldnít place it well but other than the thought that Iíd seen something
: similar before as a (3? 4? 5?) year old in an animation where someone
: named lisa narrated everything, I felt that there was something very
: sinister about it. Like the header text said, I couldnít help but notice
: the horrible thing no matter where I stood in the hall and it was
: difficult to remove my gaze.

: It seemed this thing was looking right at me no matter what angle I stood to
: it in many of the images, particularly the first and last one, the latter
: of which is an extreme close-up of its face whose primary feature was one
: of the main things getting to me; itís empty, emotionless eyes.

: They looked like they were trying to petrify my soul and I could sometimes
: feel gravity tugging at me somewhere near or behind the door it was taped
: to. It seemed that the thing inside was breaking from whatever abyss it
: was in and into our world.

: I barely escaped that cold and lost hell. I donít know if it made it out from
: there, but it seemed to be trying again in the copy of that place in this
: particular world. You may have noticed you take damage when standing near
: a poster on a locked door close to the entrance to the Rílyeh Skyline.
: This is because it is not fully contained and is groaning under its slab.

: With the destruction of the Core, it will break out into this world. The
: antitime entombs its victims in singularities originating from its eyes.
: Despite being inside an event horizon, they are kept alive and suffering
: through-not even any of the-gods know what.

: Black holes will open all over the world and destroy it further as you leave
: and the antitime itself will be pursuing you all the way out. If it
: catches you, thenÖ I am hesitant to say this but not even I will be able
: to save you.
: Nothing can kill it. It is manifested through entropy itself so even death
: will die. Donít waste your remaining ammo, just run the fuck away and
: donít hesitate. No other monsters will be left alive to hinder you and the
: only way to escape it is to leave the world. Escape will not be easy at
: all and the consequences grave for both of us.

: Attack: Black holes

: Death Message: None technically: whether killed by the black holes or the
: antitime itself, the game crashes and displays an error message reading
: ďOH MY GOD! NOOOOOO!Ē. (Author's Note: Loading up again just puts you at
: the last pattern buffer just before the start of the gauntlet)

: Iíd take it a step further and see if it could also delete savegames prior to
: the battle with the Core, but that would be pushing it. (Author's Note: Or
: rather it would be too far.)

This is a Very Long Post Indeed, and everyone needs to read it. All of it. It's golden. Save it for posterity.

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