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Posted By: DocumentDate: 1/11/16 4:24 a.m.

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: Thanks for the look-through. To clear up my own goals a bit, I'm not trying
: to convert Hamish's website material into an ePub document. (I don't think
: that'd be of much value to folks.)

Not sure what I said that implied that assumption. Personally, I think it'd be cool to have to share or read offline; but that and compiling the story from the games alone would be different projects.

: Rather, I'm trying to create a
: completely self-contained narrative that tells the story of the games. I
: don't want you to have to be a former or current player to appreciate or
: understand it because I think the story's better than that.

: I hate adding my own material, but I don't know how else to reconcile some
: problems based on what I want the project to be: I want the story to make
: sense to complete newcomers who have never heard of Bungie before, and I
: want them to be able to follow along. So if I just copied and pasted
: terminal screens, I don't know if they would have enough to go on. (Even
: gamers had the promo stuff on the back of the box, and then there's all
: the in-game stuff that can't be transcribed.)

: Also, in terms of the tone, I don't want to break what Bungie had going. The
: games were straightup epistolary narratives, like Dracula and The
: Screwtape Letters. So I want everything in the ePub to adhere to that. It
: it's my feeling that based on how the story is told, adding a preface is
: less blasphemous than saying "hey, this came from a video game."

Sounds like you need to pick which of your mutually incompatible goals you want to satisfy. Personally, I find it substantially more blasphemous; and I'm pretty sure even the books you mention are frequently published with forewords, afterwords and/or cover blurbs that break the narrative. At the very least, there's usually a title and/or copyright page.

But it's your project. (Or maybe nobody's, considering how long it's been since you posted and the fact that you never even got around to addressing all of my previous comments.)

: That's also why I decided to take out the incomplete terminal messages for
: starters. I can't think of a way to incorporate them that would make it
: less confusing without adding in further explanation, which I don't like
: doing.

Maybe I'm thinking of different messages than you are. I'm picturing messages along the lines of "Do this" -> "I said do this, stupid" -> "Good, you finally did it"; can't see what's confusing about that.

Sorry for the late reply. I'll also email you, just in case you're still interested in my response.

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