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Cool. Some of my thoughts:
* Having largely left Marathon behind for the time being, don't count me as interested; sorry.
* I hope you ditch the fanfic-style opening. I don't like pseudo-canon being mixed in with ostensible presentations of canon. (See also: the PID-style prologue and various other extras in M1A1.) Instead, I'd just briefly explain the source of the content and how it was originally presented in the games, and add whatever connecting information you think is needed between terminals later on.
* I'm not sure I understand the reasoning behind removing the incomplete-mission messages. (I'd lean toward including everything regardless; just with qualifying notes where necessary.)
* Do you also plan to make a color PDF version? (I don't know what other major color ebook formats exist.)
* It'll be basically impossible to read (possibly even to see) the terminal pict text in greyscale; but I guess it's probably not worth presenting separately.
* I'd put page breaks at the end of each terminal.
* I assume you plan to eventually add the manual texts and chapter screens.
* The timeline belongs as an appendix at the end, not at the beginning where it spoils later developments.
* The Nar Chronicles and Pfhor Mating Ritual(s) also seem like potential appendix material. (You could try to collect story-relevant crew remarks for an additional appendix or appendices; but that seems like a lot of extra work.)
* I assume you plan to include the Lost Network Packets at the end of M1.
* Ebooks of Pathways into Darkness, Myth, Oni and Halo would also (possibly) be cool to have; though admittedly the later ones would have to include increasing amounts of transcribed dialogue.

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