Re: Lava! Hot Lava!
Posted By: MartinDate: 9/22/14 10:41 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Lava! Hot Lava! (Simon Araque)

: 30 Minutes of Cutscenes, that's all. It's nothing. Titanfall has more story.
: Destiny is an amazing game, but it lacks so many things, is entirely
: disheartening. But certain things give me hope. Additions to the game
: (Modes, Queen's Bounties), and most importantly, blocked locations make me
: think that we'll see much more in the future. I've found plenty of blocked
: locations, or just places where no action ever happens (Just high level
: enemies). And it's missing a lot of stuff, even from the trailers. I was
: hoping to seek and catalog so many things and I'm afraid I've returned
: empty-handed. Makes me sad. But, we'll see.

Titanfall had more story? I thought it had no solo play; does multi offer a cogent plot? I'm on ps4 :).

I also wouldn't go on 'cinematics' to determine the amount of story, except that that does seem to be where we have come to. But they ruin the true development of a Marathon style story, as the player character's identity is irrelevant. Hell, I'm an Awoken, but when we go to their homeworld, "I'm from Earth." There's little room for mystery because things hang together quite poorly; there is no real order to the story missions, and only sometimes does one seem to relate to another. They certainly made a lot out of having us return to the same places again and again, and out of exactly the same predictable mechanics repeated. Deploy Ghost? Oh man, I just know that means I'll have to hold off the enemy for a while ><.

Ahh well, it's fun enough. I absolutely suck at the pvp though lol.

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