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Posted By: Simon AraqueDate: 9/22/14 3:45 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Lava! Hot Lava! (Martin)

: Titanfall had more story? I thought it had no solo play; does multi offer a
: cogent plot? I'm on ps4 :).

It offers about 9 missions, there's a solid plot. It's simply multiplayer, except that as the match advances, characters interact via comms, because you're actually on a mission, trying to recover info/assess terrain/etc, but you'll be still playing Control/attrition and such.

: I also wouldn't go on 'cinematics' to determine the amount of story

My bad, it's just that Cinematics do work as a way to properly show you the world you're in, and gives context to whatever you're doing. Like a short flight with your team before arriving to Sword Base on Halo Reach-kind-of-cinematic. You know where you are, what you're about to do and helps you become immersed in the world. Marathon did a fantastic job at implementing Terminals, and I'm sure Halo would've gained extra points by doing so as well, but the way Destiny is structured.. It really feels empty.

Ship flies by, you appear, camera moves a bit, that's it, right into the action. Your Ghost speaks to you, but the script is boring, dull, irrelevant, sometimes I don't even realize he's talking to me. His way of speaking as well as his words are so casual, nothing like Cortana, Guilty Spark, or Durandal himself. Simply uninteresting.

Missions are hella repetitive, it's entertaining, but not particularly exciting, awe-inspiring, meaningful or something you'd remember. I could close my eyes right now, lay back, and play Halo CE from beginning to end in my mind. Cinematics, Dialogues, heck, I even remember checkpoints and places where part of the soundtrack starts playing. I can't tell the same about Destiny. The OST goes under the radar, I can't even remember mission names/orders. Nothing. Really heartbreaking, coming from Bungie.

I still have hope, though, my Titan's already lvl 27 and I'm starting a Hunter which I got to 13 in less than a day *twitches* but I've found places that remain unexplored, or even blocked (In Old Russia, "King's Watch" can be seen from the Rocketyard, but the doors to the building are closed. Same with a Jovian(I think) Complex, can be seen from the Skywatch Area, but there's also a garage door blocking your way. So I bet we'll see those places unlocked eventually. The Awoken Queen's Bounty (Which should start tomorrow actually) might bring some variety. And of course, the Strikes that are PS-Exclusive, and future DLCs/Expansions.

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