Re: Lava! Hot Lava!
Posted By: MartinDate: 9/18/14 2:32 p.m.

In Response To: Lava! Hot Lava! (narcogen)

: In Marathon Evil #9 we have to destroy a volcano with lava.

: http://rampancy.net/youtube-video/09182014/ase-ep-131-marathon-evil-9-million-ways-spend-your-time

: Aren't volcanoes already filled with lava?

Wacky fun with textures ... did you change back to the defaults after this?

When I played Evil, back in the early noughties, there was a point in this level that always crashed the version of Aleph One on Windows at the time. I think I ended up skipping the level, but also emailed I think it was Ian Pitcher? Who was working on the Windows version at the time, and maybe even influenced a fix, I can't even remember ... but good times :).

With all that in mind, is it the next level where you get a Pfhor shockstaff to use? Not a bad one to have to skip to if that is the case. Still confused about why you guys haven't actually seen the mystics; I remembered them appearing much earlier.

Keep it up. I ran the Earth 'strike' on Destiny for the first time this morning, that's staying fun ... but the story just isn't anywhere near as gripping without terminals :).

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