Marathon A1 Changes?
Posted By: Queen_UltimaDate: 6/15/12 2:01 p.m.

Hi :D (Semi-rant incoming, sorry.)

I just recently (like last week) got back into Marathon, haven't played it since 2008, and am of course loving it. Buut, I have noticed some odd changes to Aleph One since I last played.

Was the Pathways' introduction to Marathon (M1A1) cut because of it being "non-canon"? (I know it was introduced by fans but I thought it was well received). And the "fullscreen" option (not being letterboxed, health/ammo now part of the play window) is awesome but disorientating when I started her up.

I know I'm probably -really- late to these changes, but they're awesome, and it's awesome the Story Forum is still around. That is all... *Bakes cookies*

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