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Posted By: GrimCleaverDate: 6/10/12 10:56 a.m.

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: Aye. This happened a lot in Marathon too.

: http://marathon.bungie.org/story/screenshots.html

: Cheers
: Hamish

Perhaps it's a mistake to be trying to work previous versions of the games around the screenshots...

It's interesting that the page (linked to, above) doesn't make any mention of the possibility of composite screenshots. I was always under the impression that this was the method used to create many of the official screenshots. It seems like a more logical approach to creating the complex, action-packed scenes.

For example, this screenshot is almost certainly a composite image, because the scale of the aliens and Bobs is much too small. The giveaway is in the texture size - which is 1 world unit. Those Bobs would be less than half a world unit in height, and probably wouldn't even be visible due to the depth of the sewage (if they were actually standing on the ground, and not floating right at the surface, like they are).

I don't think the above screenshot was the first time Bungie used this technique, and it wasn't the last (link - scroll down to the part written by Lorraine Mclees).

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