On Official Screenshots...
Posted By: PerseusSpartacusDate: 6/6/12 10:17 p.m.

On the PiD section titled "Official Screenshots" a ninth error in the Pathways Screen Shot is referred to:

9. The Message Window claims that the player has descended to "Pathways Into Darkness..." even though the Player Window states that the player is at ground level.

However, this is not, strictly speaking, an inconsistency. In the PiD Demo A1, there was a level called "Pathways into Darkness...". It has an elevation of 0.0 meters from the ground, and thus it is fitting to say that it is at 'ground level'.

Keep in mind that the screenshot which the so-called 'Pathways Screen Shot' was based on, located on the back of the PiD box, appears to lack floor and ceiling textures, and shows the player carrying items which never made it into the full game. A demo screenshot perhaps?

Think again. The items I mentioned (such as the 'Opal Bracelet') do not appear in the demo either, and neither do Ghouls. So, maybe the box screenshot is actually from an earlier, perhaps even production, version of PiD or the PiD demo?

So, time to take off an inconsistency from the list, I guess. Makes you feel better about what you might call the 'Piltdown Screenshot' of PiD, eh? ;)


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