Re: Let's Play Marathon?
Posted By: GodotDate: 12/3/11 10:54 a.m.

In Response To: Let's Play Marathon? (fluxcore)

: Now that Aleph One v1.0 is released, I think it'd be really cool for a
: dedicated person or group of people to do some "let's play"s of
: the Marathon games.

: If you're not familiar with the concept of a Let's Play, it's basically a
: walkthrough of a game, alongside commentary of some sort. Often a
: community pitches in their thoughts in a forum thread, sometimes helping
: determine what game paths are played. See http://lparchive.org for a
: vast number, in many different styles. Many of the best are performed by
: true fans of their game, offering very thorough insight into the secrets,
: tricks, and story.

: I know that this story forum has done something similar before in text-based
: format (with the "Volunteers" section, linked on the main site
: at http://marathon.bungie.org/story/volunteersseries.html ), with
: various people playing through a level and commenting with their thoughts.
: What I'd really love to see is a video playthough of the Trilogy, with the
: same knowledge of the game and its story conveyed through during-play
: commentary. A lot of the work done in "Volunteers" could be used
: as a base, even. I think a youtube series like this could expose many more
: people to the magic of orbital bomba~, sorry, of the series.

: While a couple of video playthroughs do currently exist on youtube, in my
: opinion they really don't do the game or the story justice. Something
: produced by one of the vid or loremasters on this forum would be amazing.
: I think the effort would be worth it. I would start it myself, but my
: gameplay ability frankly stinks :P

: Cheers,
: --flux

About a week ago icedham posted here about his Let's Play Marathon Infinity.


He's got as far as Hang Brain. He's taken a break and moved on to Marathon Rubicon.

There's a Let's Play for M1A1 (with the PID start)

And here's another one.

And here's one for Marathon 2

Actually I hadn't realized this but there are a lot of video's out there.

Is there room for another, definitive series?

One problem you have is that the current version of M1 (a modified M1A1) is still not the same as original game. It's close but I have a growing list of things that still need fixing. Yeah, I'm a perfectionist. ;)


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