Re: PiD the Roguelike
Posted By: HananakajimaDate: 12/29/10 7:30 a.m.

In Response To: Re: PiD the Roguelike (Hananakajima)

: Again severely usefull! Now i just need to code the damn thing :-) or
: allmost. Which leads me to the next point of discourse, what features
: would be integral to the PiD experience?

: These are of the top of my head, just things i remember from 15 years back
: when i played the game.

: -Its timed, the god awakes at some point, and you have to blow him up before
: that.

: -Talking to the dead, a clear must have!!

: - I CLEARLY remember the slowness of the player character, and the joy of a
: succesful dodge, and the frustration of an unsuccesful, this will be
: necessary as well. im still working on how to do it design wise though,
: RL's are not FPS's so that will be a fun challenge.

: Thats all i got of the top of my brain. I guess i could just play the game
: and find out the rest of the integral features for myself, but what i
: really want to do is to code it, so any help is greatly appreciated and
: will speed up everything.

: Allso, any map/level features i should know about? i want as much
: faithfullness to the original as the RL form allows, and i am thinking i
: would like to have the pyramid be randomly generated, seeing as it is,
: after all, a RL, but any level specific puzzles or things like that would
: need to be integrated into that procedural process, the earlier i know
: about them, the earlier i can start to design solutions apt for a RL.

: hope i make sense.

holy shit, im a COMPLETE dork. your site has EVERYTHING! i just didnt look properly!

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