Angry at Eternal
Posted By: rampancyDate: 2/20/08 6:53 p.m.

Ugh. A while ago, I said I didn't mind jumping puzzles, but now I'm sorely tempted to change my tune: after trying over and over again to get to the platforms in Unlucky For Some, and trying constantly to make it to the next ledge in The Incredible Hulk, and then again coping with that in Babylon X, I right now feel like I'm about to give up on Eternal; either that or I'll probably just put it down again for a few weeks so I can forget about losing my enthusiasm for the level.

I understand you can't just give the player the path to the right answer to solve the level on a silver platter, but for a mere mortal like me who isn't a L337 Marathoner it just gets frustrating trying to make the jumps on levels like Babylon X. It was even worse on The Incredible Hulk, as I had to not only go back around to the beginning because I missed the ledge, I also had to avoid getting pummeled by The Drinniol From Hell. (God, I'm so thankful you didn't use Rubicon's "Baseball Pitcher" Hulks.)

I'm asking for mercy here, Forrest - please widen the ledges just a little bit, or at least give the jumping puzzle areas a little more room for error on the part of the player. I love Eternal because it's not only a fun scenario to play, it's also got a gripping and engaging storyline, and it bothers me when my enthusiasm is dampened when I have to spend 45 mins.-1 hr. praying to the Marathon gods that my running is at the right angle to allow me to get to that next damned ledge.

Sorry. Rant over. :)

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Angry at Eternalrampancy 2/20/08 6:53 p.m.
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