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Posted By: twiztedambienceDate: 1/3/06 8:38 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Marathon Book? (Blayne)

: I think 'twiztedambience' has a problem with the fragmented, multifaceted
: nature of Marathon Fan Fiction. There are some very long stories (look at
: some by Matt Francis [Yossarian] or Scifiteki that run into 40+ pages in
: length) but they aren't " Marathon: The Continued Adventures of
: Durandal and Friends " - so to speak.

: Twiztedambience's call for someone to pull a Timothy Zhan on the Marathon
: Universe and novelize something runs contrary to the medium that Marathon
: exists in. At the core of the experience, it's reading bursts of
: information, combined with some overarching power telling you to punch
: switches and people to achieve some greater purpose.

: Anyone trying to turn that into a 300 page epic will hit a stonewall unless
: they focus on some other aspect of the universe that isn't bound to
: "the Marine", Twizted's continuation of the Trilogy would be.

: 3rd party scenarios are the closest thing we'll see to Halo: First Strike ,
: and other Bungie quasi-canon marketing grabs - entertaining as they might
: be.

: The nearest thing to what Twiztedambience calls for can be found here - and
: unfinished teleplay of the beginning of Marathon 1.
: I'd love to see an author try to explain the wacky death-circus machinery at
: work inside the UESC Marathon during the later levels. ^_^

: Regards,
: -Blayne

Hey now, I do believe Zahn wrote some fiction that won him a Hugo award if I'm not mistaken. It's very possible... Of course that material was entirely his, rather than the star wars based books he wrote which did not win a Hugo. His books continuing off of Star Wars though certainly had a following.

You are right. I'm sure you know more than a lot of us why you are right also. Marathon is a lot of short, passionate bursts of info, fueled by falling comrades around the marine as he rushes in to save the day against all odds for example. Halo captured this. Yes, Marathon runs off of terminals for one - which are conducive to running around and killing people - which is not conducive to a novel. THus, Halo takes the cake here too as it understands this fact. Alos, Halo was able to adapt to marathon well I think. Rather than have the terminals - use of a visual hologram was put into play to use in a movie/game hybrid format. Like all movies/computer games, I think due to their format, (and the potential for add attacks by users) a lot of depth was lost. A book has the possibility to gain this depth back and adapt the story in different ways which go far beyond a limited game.

For being designed as a computer game, Marathon kept and held a lot of players because of its plot. This is a sign of strength in a general plot - even if the plot wasn't farther developed. However put alone and entirely in it's own regard, it was still a computer game and will always be. What marathon lacks, can be made in a book where there are no players, or people looking for the sheer excitement of blowing up things and getting out before the lava eats away at their legs for example.

I think I do dislike the fan fiction. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but for me, what the fan fiction lacks is a bond to reality due to its over-reliance on battles, ameature writers, and the pure game of Marathon. Yes, I realize the premises in Marathon are far out there, but that doesn't mean no connections to reality can be drawn and that everything has to be entirely game based. ALright, not all the fan fiction was game based either, but of the peices that weren't - I just did not like them. And yes, I do dislike the fragmented nature of some of them - and the thousand and one different types of BoB jokes incorperated into some stories.

I'm not really asking for anyone to do this, as it is a hobby I'd like to do. I'll release a peice on here once I finish a section for you all to look at. If you have ever looked at Tolkein's work for the Lord of the Rings though, you will realize how emersed he was in the fiction world he created. What I see at this site is that same level of emersion. All I'm asking is maybe a few other people take the trip with me, suspend reality, and live within to marathon universe to make a book that is a REAL accomplishment. Afterall, that is why you are at this site in the first place isn't it? At the very least, some help and input from this site for brainstorming. What I don't want though, is JUST fan fiction - I want good fiction based on the true physics/laws/history established in the marathon series. I just thought a site like this would be ideal to encourage such a thing.

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