Re: marathon music question
Posted By: Craig HardgroveDate: 4/8/05 11:11 a.m.

In Response To: marathon music question (madaemanon)

: In marathon 1... there is some music... It's in the second area (I guess I
: mean second level) of the game, and what interested me about it was-it's
: timing. It's in 4/4 time, but instead of being 4 bars a section, it's 5.
: Which is weird cause I've never encountered that before. I've seen 1, 2 or
: 3 bar sections, with 4 being most common... but 5-that's weird. The music
: itself is pretty cool.

The music for the second level of Marathon was Music08.midi, Leela.

Leela's timing is a little confusing, but it is definitely 4/4. I'm not sure what you mean by 5 bars in a section...what are you defining as a section? There's the standard octave of bass notes, C-G-C, C-G-C, C-C-C which repeats 4 times and is followed by one bar of (something like) Eb-A-Eb, F-C-F... so if that was your "section" then it does repeat 5 times. Which... yeah, I guess is a little funky :)

4/4 time though, does not relate in any way (that I'm familiar with) to bars per section.

: I guess I'll ask... where can I get the MIDIs of all marathon game music (if
: that's possible)

http://www.eigenhat.com/marathon has all the original MIDIs in .mov format.

: and while I haven't listened to Craig's remixes yet I'm
: impressed that he's remixing midi music in garageband.

Well, its not that hard actually. GB is fantastically user friendly. All I have to do is figure out how Alex originally wrote the song on my keyboard and then play it out by hand. One cool aspect to this is that I can sit down at a piano and play an "acoustic" version of most of the Marathon tracks now. My hope was that the sound of me actually playing the song would make its way into the remakes and give them a more human feel. GB also comes with a variety of fantastic drum loops, and the ability to import free license drum loops from outside sources. If I can find the right drum sounds and loops it saves me from having to program in a drum sequencer. On the negative, effects are fairly limited in GB (they want you to get Soundtrack, their high end audio program) and compressing multiple tracks to a .aiff and getting a decent product can be an artform.

I'm never really sure what people think about GB... some people react as if its a cheap song generation tool. Part of that is true, I mean, anyone can write a song in it using just loops. Honestly, I feel like its a great program for writing and composing and is layed out intuitively with nothing to get confused about. It really lets you not worry (as much) about whats going on with the program and lets you focus more on the music.

Anyways, thank you for your attention...

*This has been a public service announcement from your friendly neighborhood Marathon remake guy*



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