Re: marathon music question
Posted By: madaemanonDate: 4/9/05 1:19 p.m.

In Response To: Re: marathon music question (Craig Hardgrove)

: Leela's timing is a little confusing, but it is definitely 4/4. I'm not sure
: what you mean by 5 bars in a section...what are you defining as a section?
: There's the standard octave of bass notes, C-G-C, C-G-C, C-C-C which
: repeats 4 times and is followed by one bar of (something like) Eb-A-Eb,
: F-C-F... so if that was your "section" then it does repeat 5
: times. Which... yeah, I guess is a little funky :)

: 4/4 time though, does not relate in any way (that I'm familiar with) to bars
: per section.

Yeah, it threw me, because it does the same thing 4 times, then 1 bar of a progression (ie a bar of a different sequence/rhythm). I could understand there being say, 16 bars and then 1 as a turnaround, but 4 repeats, 1 progression, OVER and OVER again... I've never heard it before and it kinda feels... off because 5 is the most odd number to use in music.

I shall have to check out some of marathon's music. I love midis, and I love to download midis of game music and look at all the different instruments and see what they are doing (I love learning mega man stuff on guitar) especially when they are doing really cool/weird stuff (some of the solos in mega man music are just bizarre but extremely cool).

As for garageband, it's decent. I use goldwave for ALL my mixing, even though it's ALOT more work but I have used garageband and did 4 songs in it (using all loops that came with). Soundtrack is a great program. I wish I had time to record some instrument tracks and mix a good song in soundtrack.

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