Re: marathon music question
Posted By: Steve LevinsonDate: 4/9/05 4:05 p.m.

In Response To: Re: marathon music question (madaemanon)

: Yeah, it threw me, because it does the same thing 4 times, then 1 bar of a
: progression (ie a bar of a different sequence/rhythm). I could understand
: there being say, 16 bars and then 1 as a turnaround, but 4 repeats, 1
: progression, OVER and OVER again... I've never heard it before and it
: kinda feels... off because 5 is the most odd number to use in music.

You might want to talk to Andrew Lloyd Webber. In Jesus Christ Superstar, the song Everything's Alright is written in 5/4 time. I was in my school's choir in 9th grade and we sang it. First time I heard it, it blew me away. We were all tripping over the rhythm - it's only natural to try to lengthen it to 6/4. Not only that, but the song Hosana has a phrase that is in 7/8 time. It took a lot of practice to get that one right.

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